“diamond zhang” new voice of china “tutor's first show was praised as” teaching is better than singing ".

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Diamond, Zhang, The tutor of the new voice of China first show & NBSP; Be praised for "teaching is better than singing".

On Saturday night, the much-anticipated golden eagle cartoon "the new voice of China" officially launched its fifth season.Diamond, Zhang,was invited to be the tutor of music and successfully completed his mentor's debut. In the program,Diamond, Zhang,brings infinite joy and affection to everyone, winning countless fans and brothers with a loud voice.

On Saturday night,Diamond, Zhang,wore a pink shirt. In order to win over his favorite young students,Diamond, Zhang,sang an original song, "see and see". The simple melody of the song flowed through his life perception. Diamond Zhang's highly infectious voice speaks eloquently of the yearning for life's nearest and dearest, touching. In the selection of small students,Diamond, Zhang,carefully prepared a book to record the characteristics of each student, hoping to give them more help in their growth. As the only female mentor of this season,Diamond, Zhang,enjoys a huge popularity and is very popular among young students. In the first program, in order to give more opportunities for young students to perform,Diamond, Zhang,started two rounds of new sound stage. At the end of the first phase,Diamond, Zhang,had successfully acquired four young students and became the mentor with the largest number of team members. "Students in the class are introverted and want to have more communication and understand their ideas," says Diamond Zhang. It can be seen that Diamond Zhang's love and serious and responsible attitude towards the young students are well-deserved as a positive energy idol with the rising popularity in recent years.

Recently,Diamond, Zhang,has not only devoted himself to producing music, but also participated in the recording of many popular variety shows. Next month, Diamond Zhang's new song is coming soon. Let's look forward to it!

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#Diamond, Zhang,& NBSP; With an original work "see and see" deeply touched, the audience was moved. In the first program,Diamond, Zhang,won four excellent young students by virtue of her charm and sincerity, looking forward to her more wonderful in the future!

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