Fantasy bed and breakfast'' took part in Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition

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Directed by the newest director Fire Lee , Yi Sha , Ke Hu , Cong Li , Heidi Lee , Alex Man Man , Daniel , Hannah Chen , Veegee and many other outstanding actors starred in the fantasy love movie Cheryl Yang and Lam Suet . "Fantasy bed and breakfast " was unveiled at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition today. The director directed several actors to attend the event and released the "Mirror and Moon" edition poster. The characters and monsters presented a film and television effect, and the negative tone was extremely fancy.

"Fantasy bed and breakfast" took the initiative to attend Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition to discuss cooperation expectations

This morning, the director Fire Lee took the actors Cong Li, Heidi Lee, Hannah Chen and Veegee to attend the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition to promote the new film "Fantasy bed and breakfast" which is under intense preparation. Several young actors are working with Fire Lee director for the first time and expressed their expectations for this cooperation. Cong Li broke the news that he grew up watching Hong Kong movies. He had the opportunity to participate in the movie very excited and nervous this time. Heidi Lee said that his role in the film will be very challenging, “there will be a lot of emotional resonance” and hopefully will follow Fire Lee's director to learn more. Fire Lee's director said with a smile that the movie is very self-contained. "I like to shoot this strange movie." He also said that the movie is more about how to break through the plight of love. When asked about the expectations of several young actors who are about to collaborate, Fire Lee thinks that the most important thing is that everyone should have fun. “I think that if a team is happy, the movie has already half done.” We warmly stated that we are all young people and we can make progress together.

"Mirror and Moon" Poster Exposure Man and Monster Illusion

In the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition, the movie "Fantasy bed and breakfast" released the latest version of the "Mirror and Water Moon" poster. The main character of the film in the background of the homestay was fully presented. The warm orange color in the house, the cool blue tone outside the house, and the warm and cold phase were intertwined. The dreamlike atmosphere maintains a subtle warmth and harmony, and makes people feel like they are in a fantasy world. The director Fire Lee broke the news poster with a large amount of information. The character image and the monster image presented visual effects, which coincided with the name of “Mirror and Moon” and foreshadowed the relationship between unutterable characters. What exactly "Fantasy bed and breakfast" will bring us incredible fantasy trips, everything is still unknown, waiting to be announced in the future.

The movie "Fantasy bed and breakfast" was produced by the ear film industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the Sun Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd., and the extraordinary entertainment production Co., Ltd., and Unicom Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd. and Haining Weixi Film Co., Ltd. jointly produced the product.

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