The angel of spring festival gala became famous overnight. now she is lost and swollen and abandoned by her family.

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Everyone remembers the 2014 Spring Festival gala of the year of the horse. There was a girl who walked around in the spring evening for four hours Yang Liping My niece. Although it is not clear what can be shown after four hours around the circle, but this is also a specialty, anyway I can not turn on four hours, personally feel that most of it is a stunt, after all, the big sister of the dance world is performing in the Spring Festival gala show, taking a niece is not a big deal.

But if this girl really does not have a bit of talent, also really difficult on the Spring Festival gala. so Small bunting It's still very powerful.


& have spent Talent shows itself in youth

& have spent Small bunting's aunt is a famous dancer, born in 99Small buntingisYang Lipingcultivating, performing on the stage when I was 4 years old, is called "the image of yunnan", that is, they are the only worked this work made Small bunting, made in 2010 when she was admitted to Beijing film academy abnormality, at that time she was 11 years old, tang dynasty signed in 2013, it is Hugo Your company.


Thanks to her outstanding ability and the efforts of those around her,Small buntingsuccessfully made it to the Spring Festival gala, becoming the girl who had been rotating for four hours. She was known throughout the country.


& have spent Go around four hours and be famous early

& have spent As we all know, the Spring Festival gala is a very big stage, which has brought millions of people red, such as xidan girl, sun Yang gang, Xiaoshenyang And so on.Small buntingwas also popular because she was well known throughout the country for her talent, beauty and good fortune. I don't know how many people think of her as their dream girl.

At that time,Small buntingwas still young, and became popular at the age of 14.


& have spent Cheng also Spring Festival gala, defeat also Spring Festival gala

Such a reputation is too heavy for a child to recognize herself properly, and she is nearly lost. She has not been seen for years, no longer performing any dance, only occasionally seen in the TV series.


After she became famous, it was revealed by the media that she was dating a man 24 years older than herself. We can't interfere with her free love. However, she was too young, and the nightclub with heavy makeup was no longer the original Small bunting.

She also worked on the film LegendoftheQingQiuFox ", as ying ning, in Immortal sword cloud where as Xiao Man But few people remember her. Maybe she's already indulging herself.


And her aunt, who had always valued her, expressed frustration that her private life should not be interfered with but stood by. AndSmall buntingwas not seen in Yang Liping's first sea-themed multimedia play, "pingtan image," which she said was not for her. Many wondered ifYang Lipinghad given up on Small bunting, whose behavior really disappointed her aunt.


& have spent I just hopeSmall buntingcan find herself and return as soon as possible.

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