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“zhang yimou's film” release director's original special issues, big and small, layer upon layer to show different ink style"

Star connection September 13Will be released on September 30 National Day by Zhang Yimou Directed, Deng Chao , Betty Sun , Ryan , Qianyuan Wang , Hu Jun , Wang Jingchun , Xiaotong Guan , Lei Wu The film film starring the leading role has released a special edition of Zhang Yimou's "original heart" director, revealing the production process behind the scenes.Zhang Yimouchanged the color label in the past and added the natural color of light color with black and white grey to carve out an aesthetic picture scroll of ink and blue, which has a strong contrast with the previous works. The director confesses: "this time, we must make the classic action movies with depth and flavor." In the past Venice film festival and Toronto film festival, "shadow" has been praised by the media as "a brilliant style of ink painting and a meaningful attempt to explore traditional Chinese culture". Currently, the film is rated as 83% freshness of rotten tomatoes, 7.6 on IMDB and 88 on metascore, ranking the first echelon of Chinese films.

Overseas premiere full reputation and return, do not forget the original intention to show craftsman spirit

Zhang Yimou with "shadow" in Venice, the Toronto international film festival, and praise, comes from more than one thousand days and nights of the originality, special,Zhang Yimouto insist on the Chinese culture core, explored the extreme aesthetic creation for beginner's mind, east to regain his childhood in the visual design, using Chinese classical painting style, with three color black, white, ash as the main tonal, make a great "ink painters" image system of Chinese traditional aesthetics. In the film, "water" symbolizes the spiritual source and cultural source. "Ink", on the other hand, implies the vacillation of human nature and the drift of opposites, focusing on the role conflict Their weight.this expo Implement; The real shooting of the director combines the grand scene and the two themes of binary philosophy, and interprets the profound thinking of the free will of the small figures in the great meaning of life.

"The spirit of craftsman is what makes films," says Zhang Yimou. Zhang Yimou's relentless pursuit in artistic creation, never getting tired and never missing every detail. The yayaman material in the film has been selected after several months of replacement and all westernized elements have been abandoned in order to find the most appropriate Chinese wind effect.

Never dabble in the subject of body doubles, the unique perspective of the story is unusual

Zhang Yimou's preference for the theme of "double" and the theme of "double" never touched in domestic films contributed to the birth of "film". In addition to the visual pursuit of perfection, the director also regards the script as the top priority. As early as four years ago, the script creation of "shadow" has been put on the agenda. During the shooting process, the director will also adjust the script according to the actual shooting situation, but the characteristics of the story will still hold their own.

As for the creation of the drama,Zhang Yimouonce said: "the law of history is that there can be no stand-ins to survive, and it is always impossible for the nobility to be compassionate. Therefore, in the plot and logic, in the character of the relationship, character, to achieve a special reasonable."

Sixty-eight years old still passion, the set up jump just because love

In the special episode, whether on set or in a conference room,Zhang Yimouis always busy exploring the scene props, shooting, demonstrating performance or communicating with actors and staff. Once committed to his work, he immediately became a "detail oriented", meticulous about all details, everything, even the expression will become serious and serious. "This line is too thin," he told the art team. "don't repeat it, pursue the taste of old Chinese painting," he said. And when he sees the final result that shows satisfaction, he also can show the happy smile.Wang Jingchunsaid that he felt like being in an ink painting in "shadow". "this kind of beauty is the beauty of China!" "The director jumped up and down on the set, and it all started with the undying enthusiasm and passion for the film,"Hu Junsaid.

"Film" was not only the elaborately carved script, ink-wash poetic painting and actors' ultimate dedication, but also the directorZhang Yimouwho has been in film for 40 years. After the return of lead China, he showed his love and dedication to the art of film. Behind "shadow", he is 68 years old thinking, experience, aesthetics and the whole life.

It is reported thatZhang Yimoudirected by Zhang Yimou, starring Deng Chao, Betty Sun, Ryan, Qianyuan Wang, Hu Jun, Wang Jingchun, Xiaotong Guan, Lei Wu, produced by Letv pictures (Beijing) co., LTD, Shanghai tencent pictures culture communication co., LTD and perfect weixiu entertainment (Hong Kong) co., LTD. Bona film group co., LTD., Hong Kong tencent pictures co., LTD., tianjin maoyan micro-film culture media co., LTD., and zhejiang bodi film co., LTD. Jointly produced the action drama film "film", will be released on September 30, 2018. Please look forward to it. (photo taken on set: bai xiaoyan)

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