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Xiaozhi rao's “nobody's name” shenzhen roadshow was strongly recommended by five stars.

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Directed by well-known youth director Xiaozhi Rao, Chen Jianbin , Ren Suxi , Binlong Pan ,Lee Jang woo -, Yin Yin Ma , Yanhui Wang , Cheng Yi , Huanyu Ning , nine holes, Dun Eun Hee "Nobody's name," a fantastical comedy starring several other powerful actors, is set to hit theaters nationwide on Nov. 16. A road show themed "in your name, laughing and feeling pain" is underway in cities across the country. Director Xiaozhi Rao and leading actor Binlong Pan arrived at the vientiane cinema in shenzhen yesterday to exchange views with local audiences and fans after the film was released.

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Xiaozhi Rao Shared the secret information Binlong Pan said to find a new direction of acting

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Yesterday, in the movie "Nobody 's name," "in the name of your smile pain heart" theme roadshow, shenzhen, shenzhen station vientiane studios film after the screening, director Xiaozhi Rao and starring Binlong Pan surprise appearance will be immersed in a mood of the film audience, the audience were on the scene for two senior real-name play call, said: "" Nobody' s name is a laugh youlei good work." Xiaozhi Rao and Binlong Pan were also there to share with the audience the plot of the film and the stories behind the scenes. Early on, the film strength of the cast has been a major network social platforms Small water Hua, a netizen, wondered, "how did the director bring a group of powerful actors into"Nobody 's name"? When it comes to casting, the director says, "the right one is the best one."

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& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent In addition, many viewers were curious about Binlong Pan's "new breakthrough role" in the road show. Binlong Pan responded that unlike his previous roles in the comedy series, he did not try to create jokes by shaking things up. Instead, he relied on a sense of humor that exists everywhere in his life as the source of his happiness. At the same time Donnie Yen "I think it's really a new direction that I can choose in the future," he said. Some viewers also asked about Binlong Pan's emotional scene in the film. Binlong Pan replied humorously: "I'm so happy that I can't wait. Thank the director for being so generous in arranging my emotional scene." "It's a great honor to be part of the 'Nobody's name' movie," he said.

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Xiaozhi Rao calls for space for Chinese films to be screened in shenzhen

In the face of foreign blockbusters centralized, home-made movies survival difficult situation in the market in November, Xiaozhi Rao at the scene said many Chinese are made by some good director and actor paid a lot of energy and effort to build, is worth to see the good work, and called on to: "please give a Chinese little space to grow up and more support." Film after studios show in guangzhou and shenzhen, the punchline of flawed absurdist comedy drama and super lineup card company dedicated to harvest many high quality reputation, superb acting crazy. Countless stars in the ticketing platform testimonials of have the audience film poignant drama comments about life: "a black comedy, a lot of people laugh, but I will see the tears, the director is not for fun and funny, like director said, sometimes life is quite bizarre, life is like a play, to live with a smile." Some viewers gave their own interpretation of the film: "the conflict between reality and ideal creates a personal dilemma, or life and death, or emotion, or personal dignity. Those who need an outlet have to struggle desperately. "Nobody's name is a good story with a bit of a smile and a bit of a tear. It's worth a second brush!"

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"Nobody 's name" will be on November 16 theaters across the country time, the film by the emperor, film and television culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Jingxi Culture&Tourism Co., Ltd, emperor industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai are the film and TV culture Co., Ltd., huoerguos young a diet in order to send pictures Co., Ltd., shenzhen arts culture media Co., Ltd., production, IQIYI pictures (Beijing) co., LTD., zhejiang xiyuan culture media co., LTD., Shanghai tencent culture media co., LTD.


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