Jane Zhang sings and plays cool at Jackie Chan international action film week!

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& have spent On July 22, the fourth "Jackie Chan international action film week closing ceremony" was held in datong, shanxi, Na. On the same day,Jane ZhangDress up beautiful, a silvery condole belt skirt is very eye catching, relaxed and fashionable short hair, gentle sentiment is taking cool strength, show new era goddess wind model fully!

That night,Jane Zhangsang two songs of different styles, a Na composed by Cui Di, her best friend, who wrote her own words. The sound line was real, natural and touching, and the real "Na" thatJane Zhangwanted to express was vividly interpreted. The other is a Hollywood film with American hip-hop star Big Sean.TerminatorGenisysFighting Shadows, the global theme song, is magnificent and works well with Jane Zhang's internationalized voice.

All theZhi ZhouJane Zhang's live singing ability and she has performed many classic OST songs for decades, includingbanquet"Theme song" Na pays for all her love ","Painted skin"Theme songs:" drawing the heart ", "the king of kung fu", "Heroes","The Land of Many Perfumes"Theme songs" my daughter"Once Upon a TimeThe theme song "peach blossom in ten li", etc., can be called OST queen. The secret of Jane Zhang's long journey to fame is not only her outstanding singing ability, strong performance on stage, but also her continuous pursuit and efforts for music art. She is looking forward to the future for a long time.

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