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There is redemption called by the hidden rules,' the invisible lover (part ii)

Star connection September 13Recently, the unseen lovers (part 1) was released under the exclusive license of sohu video, which received rave reviews and left a lot of potential for online resentment. On September 13, produced by Beijing zhongguang Yu sheng culture development co., LTD., Beijing ushered away culture communication co., LTD., dispersing pertains, Peng Desong directed the invisible lover (bottom) finally will meet with you, the eyes of the heroine whether choosing, actor ever find his missing girlfriend, what is the crisis and the temptation of their past the mystery will be revealed one by one.

Masochistic escalation, memory killed for love sacrifice

Love mystery network movie invisible lovers (part 2) by Zhang Yihang , high on the qi, zhu di er, Zhao ShanShan , Wang make Duoduo and duoduo co-star in the drama, which continues the story of the unseen lover (top), in which male lead actor David wu (Zhang Yihang) is seen before he meets female star pupil (Zhao ShanShan). With a knife is an orphan David oh and lovers (Judy son) trials finally become lovers, but happy days always short, knife unfortunately suffer from a rare disease, need expensive cost of treatment, in order to save his girlfriend's life, David oh desperate to borrow money, even by female boss rules...

Through the upper part of the bedding, the invisible lover (under) more exciting plot, the setting of the plot, not only stay in the level of a story, senior team will be more to your life, and to the thinking of society into play, with compact and fluent narrative, clean level of the lens language, through the encounter of the hero and heroine, ruthlessly location out of borrowing, drugs, social problems, such as hidden rules have made deep thinking space for the audience.

Show the real predicament, stage love and redemption

If "invisible lover (top)" is mainly about the entanglement of emotion and desire, "invisible lover (bottom)" is about putting love and life on the scales to see how you choose.

The team continues the highly realistic narration mode in the upper part, and presents this kind of heartbreak to you in the most close way of life: a loved one is terminally ill, but there is nothing they can do... In the story, David wu and penknife are facing difficulties, which may be the real difficulties that you and I may encounter in life. Their entanglement and pain seem to come to us through the screen at this moment, and the truth is terrible.

How would you choose between your lover and reality? How do you deal with a female boss who wants to take the drug? You may find the answer in the invisible lovers (below), released on September 13.

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