Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace episodes pk The story of yanxi palace.The latter is too different to win.

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace episodes pk The story of Yanxi Palace.The latter is too different to win.

The chinese court drama Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace was broadcasted. Although this drama previous episodes is far below the expectations of netizens,but because of the performance of the powerful actors, coupled with the popularity of the same court show The story of Yanxi Palace, The drama easily boarded the hot search.The most discussed by the netizens is that Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace pk The story of Yanxi Palace,who will win?


Most netizens feel that The story of yanxi palace well,because of this drama caused a global watching boom.


Some netizens feel that Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace , such as a cup of weak tea, need to slowly taste.


In the Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, Zhou Xun played a 15-year-old girl,  the male duck was complainted by the netizen.Xie Na issued a document at night to support Zhou Xun.


Some netizens said: “A 40-year-old actor starred in a 15-year-old girl and also had a bow-knot. Is it really suitable?”"Zhou Xun is particularly well in all aspects, but I feel that it is incompatible with this drama", etc.


At the same time, other netizens said: the focus of the play is not youth, but middle age, so Zhou Xun's performance is very appropriate, although the juvenile feeling a bit contrary, but little impact.


Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace  began to broadcast netizens frequently spit, some netizens found that the earrings worn by the Queen Mother looked like "Mickey Mouse"? For example, Mickey Mouse also boarded the hot search again. Some netizens also clarified that the so-called Mickey Mouse is only a visual effect.


Then, some netizens voice on behalf of the cast: just want to say from clothing to basic history is reductive, place adorn those clothes not good-looking, please go and see you on the qianlong period of the history on the other side to speak and cast to the clothes and some place can say specifically to collect the material, don't know can go to look at tencent video on the video finish talking.


In fact, Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace and The story of Yanxi Palace has its wonderful place. Shakespeare said that a thousand people have a thousand hamlets in their eyes. Small make up think like not like, all depend on each person's hobby.

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