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Banana nine heads up after graduation

Star connection September 14Banana entertainment's homemade variety "" koll-kum Banana" "will be broadcast online at iQIYI on September 27, the first time Banana nine has combined since Lakeland station ee18 and will also be TANGRAM's debut ensemble.

Banana entertainment has already shot its first season ensemble, "savadka Banana," which was produced by "run it." GoFighting Many popular variety shows such as the phantom digital for post-production, the first season after the broadcast of numerous praise. It was a pity Lin Yanjun , YouChangJing The two had been training with NINE PERCENT members in LA, but did not take part in the shoot, and were only on the phone in the last issue, to the regret of fans.

According to the show's poster, yu changjing and Lin yanjun finally fit in with TANGRAM seven, and the whole cast of season 2's "kolla-kolla-banana" Banana nine will be cast. At the invitation of the Hamburg municipal government, TANGRAM went to Germany as the representative of youth idols. Their first appearance in Europe started the cultural exchange activity of the "Chinese era". The program will present the members' study tour in Germany in the way of the hottest documentary life variety, and restore the real side of the idol in real life, attracting the high expectation of fans.

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