Suspected cheating by zhang ting's husband kevin lin? netizen: “going into the play is too deep”

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suspected Zhang Ting The husband Kevin Lin, Cheating? Net friend: go into play too deep

Recently, it was reported that Kevin Lin, husband of Zhang Ting, had clasped the hands of the woman next to him in public and had a big smile on his face. Then, a netizen pulled out the woman's micro blog, in her Posting of a photo of Kevin Lin, the two people hug shoulder, hold hands, very close, and the caption "if you meet a person who is desperate for you, you must love and cherish" suspected cheating?

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Some attentive netizens have reviewed Zhang Ting's micro blog. It seems that she and her husbandKevin Lin,are both in the same venue.

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"No,Kevin Lin,isn't Chiung Yao Where's the drama coming from? Professional performance cheat women's feelings of men, can be said to be too deep into the play...........

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Kevin Lin was very handsome when he was young. Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain "Became popular and was known as the no. 1 student in Taiwan. His ex-wife is Zeng Zhe Zhen , a popular Taiwanese film student lover, in Wan jun "Played by LAN xuan. Zeng Zhe Zhen, 20, married Kevin Lin, nine years older than her, in 1989. They had a son and a daughter after marriage.Zhang Tingis reported to have been a third woman, which led to the couple's divorce. In 1998, he worked with Zhang Ting, and the two had an affair. The two were later pictured holding hands while shopping in Beijing, and their relationship was confirmed. Kevin Lin's agent has also publicly accusedZhang Tingof "spiderman."

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In 2006,Kevin Lin,andZhang Tingmarried in Taipei, where he gave birth to a daughter and a son in 2009 and 2012, respectively.Zhang Tingwas infertile. In order to have children, he insisted on injections and became a test-tube baby. He almost died.Zhang Tingalso worked in the Very quiet short "In the interview, she talked about howKevin Lin,once went bankrupt, and she gave him all her assets to start his own business again. In 2011, when talking about his extramarital affair with Zhang Ting,Kevin Lin,said, "the public opinion suppressed for more than 70 days, which was the most painful period for me. But I have never regretted or wavered, and I believe strongly in my relationship with her. At the same time, he admitted that he had been a wrong model and was not qualified to be an idol.Kevin Lin,moved into business when his acting career was at its peak. Now they are doing it themselves, doing wechat business together, and they are very expensive.

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The two then joined a variety show, "fight for her," and returned to the public eye. In the program,Kevin Lin,joined at the age of 55. He tried his best to makeZhang Tingsmile, and many netizens envied him for indulging. Some netizens said that althoughKevin Lin,is the oldest, his love for his wife does not lose any of his lovestruck couples.Zhang Tingmay have saved the Milky Way in his previous life before he met Kevin Lin, who was as precious as himself. MaybeKevin Lin,is unfaithful? Netizens expressed disbelief.

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Now, isKevin Lin,going to repeat his mistake by sticking his finger to her face for a photo, or is he really just a "career sister"?Kevin Lin,has yet to respond, and it's not clear. Follow the editor and wait for the result.

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