Peter the new dance floor challenges himself and presents the stage charm.

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The new dance wood assembly, jointly produced by dragon TV and canxing, was assessed by group B on Sunday. Peter The dance variety show, which upended everyone's understanding of his "dancing black hole", won praise from professional teachers in the 30-second examination.

In this stage, althoughPeterhas no dancing skills, he did his best in the quiz. Every move, detail and expression can be seen from his devotion to this dance. As for the dance,Peterhas his own opinion that "every movement is alive, coming here to let everyone see another self". Its serious attitude, let professional teacher zhang wearing shu to his appreciation without concealing, forPeterto explode the lamp. The two hit it off to become a tacit agreement of the choice, when each other choose to leave the scenePeteris more show boyfriend strength, teacher "princess hug" leave the scene, the two highly tacit understanding also let the net friend to their next campaign is full of expectation.

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