Love is the best thing that ever happened to you.

Love is the best thing that ever happened to You

Tang three home less Said," My Story For You In fact, it was originally called "I would give up the whole world for you". Then it was a man who changed his pessimistic mind. His wife, li mo.

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For Tang three home less, "My Story For You" should be a beautiful love time For yourself and your wife. Because with love, life, eyes, and adversity, there is a beauty that cannot be forgotten.

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The heroine is based on his wife, by the red floweret Zheng Shuang (actress, born 1991) Play, the hero is Luo Jin . The author wants to tell the readers that they have just met, fallen in love with each other, and got married. Although there is no such grandeur, it is the love with long aftertaste.

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Muzi Li Sick, tumour, good. So when the TV series had a good ending for muzi and zhang longbow, we thought maybe in reality the body should also be recovered, right?

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However,Muzi Lifinally left.Tang three home lesstold us through sina weibo. He gave those of us who look forward to a good love a happy ending, the favorite she finally became an angel, another way to watch each other.

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To the ancients, what is love? Ten years life and death two boundless, do not think, from unforgettable. For modern people, love is right, love is wrong, love is youth. In different times, our love is sometimes unrestrained and unrestrained. For the editor, whether it is the right time to meet the right people, or the wrong time to meet the right people, it is good to cherish each other.

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Three sister-in-law left, as book fans, we hope that three little can mourn, after all three sister-in-law is reluctant to your sad. Come on, three sister-in-law for you, also true true love this world and this world of you!

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