She's 47, and her daughter is like a sister: the big winner among mature actresses.

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She is now 47 years old and her daughter is like a sister, a big winner among mature actresses

Zhi Zhou, an actress in the entertainment industry, relies on her youth. She is, however, in her 40s, a unique presence. Today we're talking about" Yan Ni "She was a late bloomer.


WhenYan Niwas 34, MyOwnSwordsman A section of "tong's closet" has become a big hit. Since then, Yan Ni's journey has become wider and wider, appearing frequently on screen and screen.Yan Niwas dubbed the "" life winner among mature actresses" "by countless online viewers. Recently,Yan Niand her daughter Yuanqing Zhou Co-starring in the comedy film I Am Your Mom The film was released on mother's day, and a large number of netizens said it was the best movie to take mom to see together. Yan Ni, 47, is becoming more and more charismatic, with mother and daughter framed like sisters.


Yan Ni is a Chinese film and television actor and an actor at the TV art center of the political department of the people's liberation army air force. Many of the works played byYan Nion the screen are comedic, but she is also a happy person. Her bright smile reveals the unique openness of women in northern shaanxi.


In 2005,Yan Niwas known for her role as tong xiang yu in MyOwnSwordsman. Later, she starred in TV series the north wind blows, hit 21 in three seven, and A servant two main "And other excellent works, also received many honors. In addition to TV series, she also has many outstanding performances in movies, such as ASimpleNoodleStory " " Storetrollkarlen, Den And painted walls. MonsterHunt Among them, "painted wall" became the top of National Day box office in 2011. Business is a breeze.


As Yan Ni's popularity soared, more and more attention was paid to her feelings. Her feelings were not all plain sailing. She had a failed marriage with an outsider whose name was revealed online.Yan Nisaid in an interview that her ex-husband is a very responsible man and that he has no regrets about marrying her.Yan Niwas away for a long time, and they got together less and left more, which ended in divorce. After being single, Yan Ni, though working with a number of male stars, has always been zero gossip. It is reported thatYan Niwas photographed in the apartment of Wang Wei, the handsome boyfriend of the post-80s generation. But the relationship ended badly.Yan Ninow lives with her daughter.


NowYan Niis becoming more and more beautiful, with a girl feeling all over her body, and she keeps a young mind all the time. Net friend is envy very much, nevertheless still hope goddess can have a good end-result.


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