Movie 21 Carats' Shanghai's premiere, Laugh Point, opened its reputation and bursts of media praise

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The movie “ 21 carats ” Shanghai's premiere Liaoxiao was opened after the opening of the word of mouth

Directed by Michiyo Ho , starring Jingfei Guo and Dilraba Dilmurat , Dong Chengpeng , Bao Bei'er , and Ruilin Liu's special film “21 Carats” is being hit in the country. On April 19th, Michiyo Ho, the director of 21 carats, and Jingfei Guo, who starred in Shanghai, came to Shanghai to hold the Shanghai premiere and communicated with the East China media. The activity site was full of enthusiasm and the media lent praise.

On April 19th, the “21 carats” Shanghai premiere arrived at Shanghai Studio City. The story of the film took place in the “Magic City” in Shanghai. During the viewing period, the laughter continued and lit up the “cold” Shanghai viewing group. .

After the interaction, Jingfei Guo was asked how he fell in love with Dilraba Dilmurat in the movie when he was in love with Dilraba Dilmurat. He talked about the guest of Dong Chengpeng in the movie. Dilraba Dilmurat called it in the movie. When " Liu Jia Yin" and other questions were answered, Jingfei Guo answered wit, and the scene also continued to laugh.

In addition to the directors Michiyo Ho and Jingfei Guo, movie music composers A King (played by He Daian), Rong Rong (played by Ma), and Emile Meyer ( also known as People also ask ) were present at the event.

The movie “21 carats” was adapted from the same name drama and was the third of the love trilogy created by the director Michiyo Ho. In the movie version, Jingfei Guo and Dilraba Dilmurat collaborated for the first time, performing the interpretation of “affordable male” and “goldsmithing”. All love story. Liu Jia, who had sold off all his luxury goods because of bankruptcy debt, and Wang Jiwei, who had no choice but to use his money to save money, jointly rented a housing estate under a series of chances, and then began a wasteful livelihood. The film was borrowed from Wang Fu, an “affordable man”. In addition, “buying money for women” Liu bought and bought this love story of joyful family and discussed the topic of “love and money” in contemporary social interaction between men and women.

With the release of the movie “21 Carats,” the nation’s large-scale preview event has also come to a close. In the campuses and roadshows across the country, the students responded enthusiastically. At the Shanghai premiere yesterday, the media and guests also laughed loudly. The film “21 Carats” broke the audience with true feelings and countless jokes. The ceiling, with the ultimate character set and performance style, with the audience to discuss the true meaning of love, tell people through love and money, what is the real happiness, do not live in the happiness of others, do it yourself, find their own The most real happiness. The movie "21 Carats" is being hit in the country.

The movie "21 Carats" was produced by Shanghai Shangshi Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhonglian Huameng Culture & Media Investment Co., Ltd., and Legend Films Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with the benefit of Shangchi Cultural Industry Fund and Shiji Chang Ying Long Vision Co., Ltd. Produced.

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