The story of yanxi palace new trailer eng sub.Xian Fei finally understand why she lost to Wei Yingluo.

Recently, The story of Yanxi Palace has set off a wave of chasing dramas at local and overseas. After the mainland version became popular, the Hong Kong version, the Taiwan version and the Vietnamese version were also launched one after another. Many people are surprised after watching this drama: Unexpectedly, I couldn’t think of it. The court play was so deep, and it was really enjoyable to see the female lord killing her enemies with her own intelligence.The plot is online, acting online, no wonder that the drama is very easy to make people unable to extricate themselves, together with the section of the drama "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace" broadcast did not affect its heat.

Wei Yingluo

Different from in many palace dramas the female is a stupid and sweet girl.In The story of yanxi palace.The appearance of this female lord is the existence of black lotus, all the way to fight and brave, see the tricks, people who bully her,she will fight back. Moreover, the drama weakened the protagonist's aura of the big female's court drama, and appropriately increased the character of other characters, so that all the characters in the drama became distinctive and individualized, such as Fuchao Queen, who is played by  Qin Lan ,she is gentle and virtuous in the palace.Not only Emperor Qianlong loved her most, but also the female lord who loved her temperament was convinced by her, and she was very respectful.

Exquisite photo

The biggest villain of the harem ( Charmaine Sheh Act) also let the netizen be full of praise, from just beginning not contend not to rob Buddha to fasten concubine, to later black become the biggest villain, the xian fei let us see what is true dull voice do evil, mantis catch cicada, yellow finches after. In the end, all those who might compete with her for favor and hinder her becoming a queen became the target of her murder. At one time, even the heroine wei gem was not her rival and almost lost to her.

Xian Fei successfully become the queen

However, the final outcome of the end of the wife is very miserable, after the death of the queen of rich chau, the wife became a queen, but the emperor is more love wei carcano, because of the emperor to maintain wei carcano, the princess cut off their hair in anger, therefore was rejected by the emperor, not only was disused, even after death did not get a decent funeral.

Gongdou master

After the defeat of the wife with the gem had confronted each other, she asked the gem: "I have spent several decades, also did not get the emperor's heart, you exactly used what means to let the emperor love you", the gem asked her "you love the emperor very much, but why should tell him? He who says it first loses! These few words of exclamation gem is too the point to drop, the emperor whole life concubine is countless, every day say to love her of woman he again how treasure, on the contrary is wei gem luo let the emperor feel not to see not to be able to be more about. In addition, The ending ofThe story of Yanxi Palacecan also be seen that after The death of The imperial concubine played by wei gem, she was posthumously named empress xiaoyichun, and The son, yong yan, was named crown prince and The next emperor. She was The favorite concubine of emperor qianlong after empress fu chai, and The biggest winner in The end. The story of Yanxi Palace episodes

Wei Yingluo meet Fuheng

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