Jian Li ACTS as a good voice for a segment 175 days.

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Jian LiAct as a good voice for a segment 175 days out of the group

The highly anticipatedTheVoiceOfChina"Officially returned on the evening of July 13, my tutor Jian Li,Nicholas Tse,Jay Chou,Storing YuThe 175-day "voice of the voice" was also officially launched. Among them,Jian LiACTS as the dupe.TheVoiceOfChinais a music motivational commentary program produced by zhejiang satellite TV and canxing. Season 1 through season 7 brought us a different kind of excitement.



That night, Jian Li, a new mentor, made people laugh with his funny jokes as soon as he appeared.singerThe audience in "Jian Li's eloquence" has been experienced by the audience, and now "duanzi hand" has become a label of Jian Li. The tutor's wonderful and funny interaction in the program also turnedTheVoiceOfChinainto China's good crosstalk.


In the program, the tutor opened the show, and the lyrics of Jian Li's adaptation of jay dong's new song "waiting for your class to end" were also hotly discussed by netizens. He put the "high school three years why I don't have a good reading", to "over the past three years why not say I love you", Jian Li, also be quite blunt,Jian Lias is known to all statements of tsinghua university graduates, there is not good to read three years of high school do not exist. "Jian Li has been merciless, not changed to" why did I stay in high school for three years Why not study hard or get admitted to tsinghua university?



Jian Li also showed her skill when she entered the cadet stealing session that day. Two questions inJay Chou"turned to mentor ever write a song" related to eat,Jian Lireplied "I wrote" songhua river "on the Banks of Lake Baikal, also wrote" the fuxian lake, "that there's plenty of food, are the fish." The audience and the teachers laughed and laughed. TeacherJian Liis really a "joke maker delayed by singing and studying".


This start is so wonderful, excellent students, pleasant songs, different styles of mentors, and what sparks will be next? Let's keep an eye on TheVoiceOfChina, a popular show on zhejiang satellite TV.

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