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Tamia liu healthy breakfast sense of ceremony perfect score “talk couple” swinging for winter love song

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Linkeddb News November 8& have spent Recently, business experience observation reality show "dear inn 2" is popular, landlady Tamia Liu The warm heart performance in the inn has been a hot topic among netizens, and Tamia Liu's cooking show in this season's show is also looking forward to it. Earlier, Tamia Liu made in weibo bask in his hand to his family's health and nutrition breakfast, in this photo, she do every dish is very delicate, looks very cute and have an appetite, so sought after by netizens and follow, not only praised Tamia Liu, exquisite cooking skills and rituals his imitation of "tao" breakfast figure, want to see Tamia Liu, update the breakfast menu as soon as possible.

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Since the beginning of the program, Tamia Liu, who loves cooking, has been working around the kitchen. She always takes the initiative to greet everyone and prepare food for them. In the first episode, because the kitchen was not fixed, Tamia Liu used her own pot to cook noodles in a tough environment. The picture was bleak but full of laughter. On top of that, every time we eat together, the sound of the landlady's voice comes into the kitchen. Although she says she wants to go out, her body keeps busy in an honest way. When faced with Tamia Liu, who loves cooking so much, netizens express that "Tamia Liu really cannot stop."

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In Friday night's episode, the aspiring landlady Tamia Liu is expected to show off her cooking skills again by responding to a request for an updated tao style breakfast menu. "Talk couple" will also play a winter love song together on the swing. Let's look forward to this Friday night at 22:00 dear inn 2.

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