Unbreakable spirit' pulled out of its summer release and released globally simultaneously.

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by Xiao Feng Directed, Jiang Haiyan The supervision, Liu Ye (actor) , Bruce Willis , Song already - heon , William Chan , Fan Wei , Su Ma , Che Yongli , Wu Gang , Feng Yuanzheng , Chun - Ning Chang , Geng Le , Tenma itself Zhang fan co-starred in the historical war film Unbreakable Spirit "Will be released worldwide on October 26, 2018.

More than 170 countries have been confirmed to be released overseas

Movie "Unbreakable Spirit" was scheduled on August 17, landing on the big screen, the film from preparation to release, for eight years, since 2015 has always been controversial, in May this year the film posters and trailer and declare the file after releasing, special material production quality is worth looking forward to, the ticketing platform data index is rising all the time, market awareness in the same season at a good level in the film. As the release approached, however, "Unbreakable Spirit" suddenly quieted down and the industry became increasingly divided over the changes. Judging from the official release, the movie has been a real hit. Exposure on the "bomb" poster of today, a new season, means theUnbreakable Spirit"officially withdrawn from the summer, centering on ChaoTianMen wharf jiang Hyuk Byun ran with a day machine cast bomb, bomb at the bottom of the body is covered with rust, although this is a unexploded ordnance, but still stressful atmosphere, but also suggests some fate of correlation on the battlefield, lucky accompany with dangerous, can't let their guard down.

More importantly, the director of the film will also highlight the letters from overseas international companies responsible for global distribution, which is indeed the style of the movie's official micro blog. The letter states that in order to ensure the best performance of the film in the world, it requests that the release date ofUnbreakable Spiritin China be as close as possible to the international release schedule, and recommends that the release date be adjusted to October 26, so as to realize the simultaneous global release. The move will be an accurate attempt by Chinese films to enter the international market, both to minimize the problem of global piracy and to maximize the amount of publicity and distribution of films worldwide in sufficient time.

It is understood that the filmUnbreakable Spirithas been released in more than 170 countries and regions overseas, and it is expected to set a new record in the number of Chinese films and screens released overseas. Meanwhile, the trial release of the film has been well received in the process of overseas distribution, which may also be a source of confidence for the filmmakers to decide to release it globally simultaneously.

The audition was praised and confidence was upgraded

It is reported that the film "Unbreakable Spirit" was invited to hold a special screening in chongqing on June 5, which was well received by local audiences. Later, it attracted the expectation and attention of audiences of all ages in the 12 cities nationwide recommended by the distributor. According to the producer, "this adjustment of the schedule is also the result of consensus reached through consultation, expressing regret and apology to those fans and friends who have been expecting the movie to be released. We have gained confidence from the feedback from the audience through different kinds of watching activities. In the future, we will be better prepared and live up to the expectations of the audience.

As the military theme of the film and television play increasingly get the favour of the audience, and have gained good reputation and good box office result, this phenomenon is that the choice of the Chinese audience diversity has become a film market mature symbol, broad audience needs both entertainment, also needs the positive energy of film art, more eager to have a good inheritance national faith and spirit movie about peace. The world war ii film Unbreakable Spirit, on the other hand, focuses on big events with small characters. From an unusual perspective, the Chinese people's inner struggle in the war is projected into the vast flames of war, giving people a strong shock and cognition. As the audience who watched the trial film commented, "the first time to see a war film that praises ordinary people with such grand scenes." "Every character in the film has hope. Although the war is cruel, the light of human nature will not be extinguished. From the audience who have seen the film, we can see that the story and story of the film are rich and three-dimensional, with both humorous elements and dramatic characters' fate. Among them, some veteran fans lament thatUnbreakable Spiritis a good movie with strength, passion, hope, innovation and worthy of watching and respect.

The film "Unbreakable Spirit" tells the heroic story of the Japanese aggressor's indiscriminate bombing of chongqing from February 1938 to December 1944, during which the citizens of chongqing fought to the death, optimistic and strong resistance Spirit, young Chinese pilots and the Japanese air force to fight to the death and protect their country. The film will hit theaters nationwide this fall, when audiences can go to theaters to experience the true and shocking history of this period.

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