LostSamuraiSword' hit Ginger Ming Ren 'love and kill

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Recently, directed by Hong Kong director Mingkai Hu , Ming Ren , Wu Ta-You , Ginger and other strength sent actors starring martial arts drama " LostSamuraiSword " is fantastic in love fantastic aired. The play has been on the rise since the launch, continued high volume of heat, the heat continues to rise. As the story unfolds, Ginger's Xue Ruibi appears once again in front of Yi Feng (Ming Ren ornaments), is actually the identity of God day leader?


The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Cliff Lok and tells the story of Yi Feng's efforts to save his wife Xue Ruobi and join Joel Villain in the women's warrior Min Sun (Wu Ta-You). Along the way, Iraqi wind in order to save his wife Xue Ruobi from the hands of God, did not hesitate to cut off his arm, but did not think God face that face under the mask, but it is his day thinking night desperately to save the woman. Once again vow of love is still in the ears, how it became like this. Xue Ruobi looked at her now for the man off the arm, full of guilt, hard to hide tears. When Iraq asked her why? Fragrance of the sword did not retain their own thing, why do not believe him, Xue Ruobi but did all this is their own difficulties, she never thought to hurt him. When Iraq asked again what the difficulties when the wind, Xue Ruo-bi but difficult to say, only to say he is good. Previously agreed in the rape flowers lifelong yet vivid, looking at the CP's love to kill, netizens enthusiastic, direct call two too fit, too sweet, not abuse.

Is the so-called woman's heart sea of ​​needles, Xue Ruibi painful mouth is true or false? What is behind this sweet love conspiracy? Love Fantastic Art updated every Friday night at 20:00, then "LostSamuraiSword" take us open the fog .

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