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“Iceman The Time Traveler” new trailer,Donnie Yen's legendary kungfu show

Linkeddb News October 26 Action film The Frozen Hero II "The decisive battle" trailer was released today. Donnie Yen As Ming dynasty jin yi wei He Ying Donnie Yen, who wants to go back in time and change the outcome, is under attack from the bandits and the pirates Wang Baoqiang Make up your mind and let go. The Frozen Hero II by Huang Jianxin Total producer, Manfred Wong Screenwriter and producer, Wai Man Yip Director, Donnie Yen, Huang Shengyi , Wang Baoqiang, Simon Yam , Kang Yu , June Wu Starring, Jiang Shuying Special star, which will be released nationwide on nov 2, 2018.

From modern Beijing to Donnie Yen of the Ming dynasty

At the start of the movie's "decisive" trailer, Donnie Yen describes herself. Frozen with the gold ball of time and space that received tribute from tianzhu, "when you wake up, the world changes", dazed in the tiananmen square, the guomao building flash across the modern Beijing. Although hundreds of years have passed, He Ying always remembers the blood feud of dozens of villagers in taoyuan village. It was not until he went back that he found out that respected elder brother Simon Yam and his estranged brother Kang Yu were to blame. Donnie Yen's return to the role of bodyguard, not only to protect the family and the country, but also to save the people in the fire and water, in the face of the former brother collusion against the Japanese pirates to their death, must be determined to fight to the death.

& have spent The fight against bonobos was saved from death

Not only does the trailer make the story clearer, but it also brings the action scenes to light. Donnie Yen was framed as a traitor, fighting a hundred men against a banned army, running in an avalanche with a shield. The palace hall faces the Japanese general Yasuaki Kurata In direct defiance of Donnie Yen's long sword and Japanese samurai sword's hard work cold light iron clothing, the other frontline Wang Baoqiang and Kang Yu fight for the same blood. What was the plot of the rebel united pirates headed by Simon Yam to cross the centuries? Can Donnie Yen, who has known history in modern times, influence the fall of the Ming dynasty? National air transport and people's death, see the ice man across time and space is determined to fight.

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