Yi kun's' special forces' trailer for the exposure of love affairs has failed in both cases

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Yi Kun

Linkeddb News December 5& have spent A few days ago, by the force of stylish men Yi Kun Screenwriter, lead actor and director of the new thematic war epic"Special forces of the enemy in depth"Exposed the" love version "trailer, in which Yi Kun plays the" first sniper "qi liancheng and Logan Played by the war female doctor hu ruirui, and Tingru Liao The tribal princess xi na that personate has many affection scene, 3 people plus by Calvin Li Played by special forces captain hong zijie, four people in the fire of the tightZhang resistanceDay environment became a paragraph to cut ceaseless reason to return messy affection to abuse love.

Yi Kun

 Qilian city chose to live alone all his life

In the trailer exposed, qilian city and hu ruirui, xina or laughing, or playing, or sad, or pain, blood shows in the Anti-Japanese War era, soldiers treat feelings of free and easy fearless and brave. In the TV series "Special forces of the enemy in depth", Yi Kun played the role of qiliancheng to fear life and death of female war doctor hu ruirui fell in love at first sight, since then in order to pursue her, but also repeatedly risk, even at the expense of helping their rival hong zijie.

& have spent < / p > < p > after learning that the feelings of hong zijie and hu ruirui is still brave pursuit, but because xina to save their own death, qiliancheng gave up the feelings of hu ruirui. Not because he didn't love her, but because he thought he was unworthy of xina, whose death made qilian unable to repay her. Finally, qilian chose to live alone all his life. To use qilian city's words in front of xina's tombstone: "all my life, I was afraid of owed others, but what I owed to you I could never repay.

Yi Kun

& have spent Yi Kun: I designed the love drama for qilian city

Both BianYan guide of Yi Kun, said QiLianCheng this role to join myself to the life of a lot of understanding, such as in the case of different political positions how to face life and death of friendship between brothers, such as is often the film and television play again in the male number two in the early pursuit of female 1 under the condition of no finally found true love - female number two, but this drama I deliberately do the design for QiLianCheng feelings show, hope also accepted by the audience.

& have spent Yi Kun used a sentence from qilian cheng in the play to express his feelings: "the love that is engraved on one's heart often comes from the pursuit that is engraved on one's heart". He said frankly that the character of qilian cheng could even be said to be a certain aspect of myself, or that I attached my hope to him, which was unprecedented in other people's plays and an attempt of my own.

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