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Yuan fu fu is china's ambassador to promote world clean day

Star connection September 14World clean up day 2018 will be held on September 15. The operation is jointly sponsored by pick up China, aifen environmental protection, river watchman (raise) and shaanxi green origin. As the promotion ambassador of the world clean day China, Yuan Fu Fu We should start from the little things around us. Young actressYuan Fu Fuis also expected to join the world cleaning day organization in taking to the streets to "see the rubbish". He also hopes the campaign will call for more people to face up to the severe situation of garbage and participate in joint efforts to return the earth to a clean environment.

Recently, in a group of public service posters, the actor Chun - Ning Chang , Yuan Fu Fu, rappers MC Jin ", paralympic table tennis champion ge Yang, mountaineer luo jing and other stars join hands to speak out, and guide the public with participatory actions to "see garbage, pick up garbage, reduce garbage" and advocate sustainable lifestyle.

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