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A song “reflection of life” made our dry ears finally wait for su yunying

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When the single "reflection of life" hit our ears, we knew that su yunying was finally going to release a new album.

From 2015's blockbuster to 2016's "best new artist" and "best mandarin female singer", su yunying and her music energy did not just impress ordinary music fans, but also generated a steady stream of positive comments from the industry.

Since the "ghost Ming" to the new album of this more than two years, called Su Yunying "precipitation period" may not be appropriate, because she is in a variety of performances, variety, music festival, the figure of awards have been, film and television endorsement of a song, song also frequently will pop up, life as usual in her body in the creation of the spiritual factor, brewing, waiting, she expresses the, all over again as usual, the reflection of life seems so small and ordinary name, but they do infiltrating the listener to dry the ear.

From the role of songs, the reflection of life in Su Yunying second album, still she strengthen self marking period of music, after all the music accumulated by her at the beginning of the music is the most nutrition, also have a plenty of nutrients can again to her release new creation, literally from the reflection of life "wild child" of the "wild", "Ming" ghost "ghost" these unconventional keywords, belong to "life", from "gone with the wind" to the music with their feet on the ground, seemingly, but the music of the journal life reflection finished goods still send out a fairy is like "wild child" of music, Su yunying's singing on the weight of the right to emerge from time to time surprise, melodic creation track is also unrestrained, but with the title keyword "life" will not appear the subject?

Clearly not.

We know in the first place, like the elves Su Yunying indulge yourself in the music, this is the daily life, even if she lays out in words elegantly mortals in life work, kind to real, Su Yunying the irrepressible imagination text or write lyrics such as "cloud over her head gently cliff" such words.

There are common drums, bass, The Key With the tones of board and piano, producer arai shii used these paving to convey the meaning of life on music, and added the chorus of voices like Shouting the horn when working. Therefore, life scenes become grand and real in music. OS, and then either Sue mother's language or Sue Sue and it's ears stick degrees of light voice come in this chorus, all out of the exotic flavor of this song is unusual, "different" not only refers to the songs here are the regular arrangement structure, but also different from ordinary people Su Yunying singing posture and creative perspective - presumably such music breath will continue in Sue Sue the upcoming second personal album.

This is su yunying's "reflection of life", only belong to her growing up in the sea music blood, others may also can only envy, afraid is imitative not come. (after)

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