Gillian Chuang disaster to make big S “back pot”, in the end what is to downtown?

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Someone once told me that she thought for a long time that the twins were big S and small S sisters. I laughed at her saying that four of the four were two from Taiwan, two from Hong Kong and one from the other , A pair of children singing popular, say the little S presided over "Kangxi to come" for more than 10 years, the doll gave birth to three, where does she meet the twins combination of features? A friend retorted: I always thought that small S is twins small age combination Well, plus a big S, is not twins combination? In addition, entertainment is not always the name of children like to use the name or direct call combination name, really easy to confuse. Oh, for the twins combination and the size of S, a friend's words is simply "advanced black." That ask a "silly naive" pot is not a big S to back, friends speechless, rebuttal: "hard disk door" incident already know Gillian friends.

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In fact, like friends, the size of S and twins can not distinguish between the individual, but compared to some people see Ke Hu 's news that is Hu Ge , is not more reliable? In fact, it is not surprising that some users create illusions, circles inside the name of a similar number of people is not really good number of people. For example: Viann , Zhang Yuxi , Zhang Xinyi , Chang Karen Ngai Hing , the same surname, the name of the sound almost homonymic or similar words, but also how many people can name and people accurate right? Xiao Bian is to introduce one by one next Ha

1, Zhang Yuxi (National Wife Wang Sicong one of his girlfriends)

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Everybody knew Zhang Yuxi because she was behind Wang Sicong on an important occasion. When a reporter asked about her identity, she replied that she was a famous girlfriend of Wang Sicong and later the influential work was The director who works in what teacher director " ForeverYoung ", the figure of the wizard-like green girl although became Wang Sicong's predecessor, but now the boyfriend is handsome to burst, although the incumbent is not known, wins in the handsome Pretty women, but also a pair of children seductive couple.

插图4: Zhang Yuxi 和新男友.jpg

2, Viann ( Li Chen predecessor, and Bingbing Fan Wu Mei Niang legend)

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Speaking of Viann, it's ironic to look at her now with Bingbing Fan. Bingbing Fan probably could not think of it, Viann as a rejection of Li Chen's predecessor, one day will be a rake, and nougat tied up their various fancy style. You go to Cannes to go the red carpet, then I also go to Cannes red carpet, you have floral lady fairy, I also came a big northeast robe. Alas, a good girl, Yan Yan good value, acting good, but abruptly a good hand to play a cricket, really sad.

插图6: Viann 东北大花袄.jpg

3, Zhang Xinyi (now is the wife of Yuan Hong (actor) , Triad Underworld known as sister)

插图7: Zhang Xinyi 最帅伴郞.jpg

When Yuan Hong (actor) and Zhang Xinyi get married, how many women envy jealous death, not only is the best man in history, but Yuan Hong (actor), relying on " ScarletHeart " My sister's heart, now looking for his wife is not only bigger than his or her second marriage, of course, no matter what kind of people Yuan Yuan (an actor) to get married, the fans will not be satisfied. Zhang Xinyi had a brief marriage with director Yang Shupeng . When breaking up, Yang Shupeng wrote that having the power to love each other and the strength to let go is so good and happy all the time. So literary tone, also considered a happy peace breakup.

插图8: Zhang Xinyi 与 Yuan Hong (actor) .jpg

There are rumors Yuan Hong (actor), Zhang Xinyi " PrincessJieyou " became attached to the feelings of the clue is in the " Bandyta " shooting, " real man " was photographed two real Hammer together, and later admitted generously, walking all the way To get married. Compared to Li Chen's predecessor Viann, Zhang Xinyi should still be very good, at least the former Yang Shupeng predecessor without any blame and entanglement

4, Chang Karen Ngai Hing (97 flowers, pure wins like Park Shin-hye , a "school lunch sister," said)

插图9: Chang Karen Ngai Hing  Only side by side with you .JPEG

Chang Karen Ngai Hing is one of the most unfamiliar people. It is a 97-year-old sister who recently appeared in the press release and performed " Only side by side with you " with Bai Lily, Michael Chan and others. Encyclopedia is the introduction of this little girl: Chang Karen Ngai Hing enrolled in Beijing Film Academy performance department, early won the Sixth National Flower Competition Runner-up , Potato Transamese national top 15, the future flagship national host contest National top 20 awards. During the Northern Film Festival in 2017, she was carrying a box of rice passing the examination room but was caught by reporters on the Internet, causing heat; at the same time because of its looks pure and lovely, netizens affectionately known as "lunch school sister"; starring Erkang Cui Series drama "love letters", the film hit 17 million hits, we can see the popularity of the little sister. Follow-up she will be in the TV series " more alive " partner Shan Qiao , Rui Xiu , starred in the corner of Ting Fong . Sometimes people's luck is so strange, probably Chang Karen Ngai Hing did not think of a photograph of a box lunch let it somehow a fire, but also with Michael Chan cooperation.

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Now, Viann, Zhang Yuxi, Zhang Xinyi, Chang Karen Ngai Hing everyone can distinguish it?

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