Wang hedi super penguin union leads team to win as avatar of' operation picturesque 'basketball youth

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Star link: since Meteor Garden After the show, Wang Hedi Did with their own strength to get a lot of the audience's affection, soaring in popularity, and in addition to successfully deduced domineering tender way clear temple,Wang Hediin other aspects of the skill points are full, especially basketball, in the first game with elegant shape and high level of skill impressed the audience, afterWang Hediagain in yesterday's super league basketball games penguin matter brought more surprises: come back in deficit situation led, eventually winning streak, up and down two games rate team won the first championship game! Under the program's format, Wang Hedi, captain of the first championship team, will be the starter for the super penguin basketball masters on Sept. 15.

In yesterday's competition,Wang Hediled his "dark knights" against "wild white bear", and "violent white bear" team is just the game all the team recognized as "the strongest rivals,"Wang Hedidark knights in the original game is a big deficit soon, but in this case,Wang Hedididn't slack off, but find time to flexible, layup, the morale of the counter-offensive cast a ball, a series of operations are flowing field of guests praised "operating picturesque beauty!" . After that, the dark knights went on a run to tie the score and then beat it again. Under Wang Hedi, they finally won the first title of the competition with two consecutive victories.Wang Hediblood performance in a competition always affects the audience's eyes, is not only the charge as captain in the former, rich sense of team cooperation between he and his team also perfect - first in coordination low pass teammate layup, and then their legs behind dribbling, continuous variable to open defender, layup, a complete set of movements flowing ornamental and practical both. Not only was the crowd cheering, but the barrage of "Wang Hedi is too handsome to play," "the hormones are out," and "the bully in the play is too serious on the court, right? !" "Wang Hedi was really good at that ball even though he didn't know much about basketball."

Wang Hedi, the captain of the first championship team, will be the starter for the super penguin basketball masters on September 15. This weekend,Wang Hediwill appear in two popular variety shows on hunan TV. HappyCamp "And" every day up ", doming affectionate taoming temple, the ghost of the weekend of ba ping, the blood on the basketball court... I wonder how many more surprises this teenager will bring us?

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