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“hold up the king of heaven,” peter to advance to the semifinals as the biggest surprise.

Star connection September 14On Sunday night, the "dance floor" segment of the new dance floor assembly was settled. Peter We won the first place in the competition and won a lot of praise on the stage. This week, as the new dance floor takes on its first round semifinals,Peterand a host of other celebrity guests will make their way to a handful of finals.

As a zero-based dancer,Peterhas been able to stay on the stage after going through intense competitions such as "qualifying in the same group", "star performance competition" and "big escape". He used to be so clumsy in the dance game section of variety shows that he seemed unable to keep up with the pace and was given a nickname by fans of "dance black hole". Who would have thought that the "dance black hole" is now almost the show's biggest dark horse, making remarkable progress from teetering on the brink of elimination in the first round, to narrowly escaping death in the second round, and to making the first cut in the "escape" category.

In each competition,Petertries to incorporate difficult movements such as lifting, rotating, and so on, especially in the "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" dance he performed with partner zhang wearing last week. In less than two minutes,Petersuccessively used such difficult and professional movements as "back-up lift", "180-degree control + lift rotation" and "side hand lift in the air" to present the audience with a dance work full of tension and tension, which was beyond imagination and was affectionately called "king of heaven lift" by netizens.

On Sunday, the semi-finals of the new dance convention are about to start. Peter, the "king of heaven", needs to make another breakthrough. In just one day, he has to complete a group dance with other famous dancers in addition to cooperating with teacher zhang wearing. The dancing costume in the semifinals was also "unexpected" : a free and easy "swordsman costume" with a hat on the head, and a sexy "black silk costume" with a hint of hint. Exactly how will "lift up the king of heaven" fight, will present how wonderful performance? We'll see.

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