She's not a bit of a slob! after yammie lam's house came to light, netizens apologized."

She's not a bit of a slob! Yammie Lam The living residence exposed, after watching the netizens apologize

Yammie Lam, a Hong Kong Chinese actress, has the reputation of "beautiful wutai mountain". She and Carina Lau , Sandra Ng Such is the same period of well-known artists. She has also created many classic roles, and I believe you still remember the cold and resolute "the thirteen girls of spring" in da hua xi you.

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News of the death of actor Yammie Lam caused quite a stir in Hong Kong on November 3. The sudden death of Yammie Lam, aged just 55, has saddened those who like her. Yammie Lam, a striking young woman, was hit hard by what happened in her life. She is said to have had two boyfriends, one jumped off a building and the other committed suicide, which caused her great harm. Yammie Lam had a car accident. Starting in 2004, Yammie Lam was in a trance, unable to act and admitted to a mental hospital. Later, I also revealed that I would rather pick up trash than be ordered by the hidden rules.

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Photos of Yammie Lam's former residence have emerged recently, revealing that she was anything but slovenly. In the photo, Yammie Lam only has more than 20 square rooms. The furniture inside is given priority to with white, decoration is simple, clean and neat. Yammie Lam, who has short hair and is clean and neat, has been criticised for her lack of hair, unlike the "crazy women" and "scruffy women" she is said to have apologised.

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An observant netizen found that her refrigerator was the most conspicuous, with all kinds of "pretty girl" stickers all over it and a bottle of flowers on top. Thus it can be seen that Yammie Lam had a different attitude towards life Chelle View, there is full girl heart.

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Yammie Lam could be said to have been estranged. Three days after the news of Yammie Lam's death came to light, her sister, LAN jie qing, showed up and was questioned by netizens: who CARES about you when you are poor! In the entertainment industry, there are few mourners, at present only the President of the Hong Kong performing arts association Louis Koo Bucking the pressure: a respectable funeral will be held for Yammie Lam. A memorial mass for Yammie Lam will be held on Friday (nov 9) at 8pm at st.

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Yammie Lam has endured much suffering and pain during her lifetime. May we wish Yammie Lam no more humiliation and suffering in heaven.

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