Liu ShangJun Siwei Wan Play)

Siwei Wan

Siwei Wan, born on October 23, is a new generation of film and television actor in Mainland China. He graduated from the undergraduate course of performance class 01 of Beijing Film Academy and is now an actress and performer of the August 1 Film Studio of People's Liberation Army. 2003 Siwei Wan to participate in the second Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival "Golden Eagle Rookie Contest" to show his head; the same year with the summer rain, Zhou Yun starring urban love drama "fall in love with single eyelid boys" into the entertainment circle. In 2011, he became the star of the Cenozoic military idol as a leading actor in "The Fifth Space" of the military operas of CCTV and achieved good ratings of the first ratings at the same time. In 2013, Siwei Wan starred in the era of love drama "wrong marriage" made the top three ratings in the South good grades, the same year in the war drama "expedition! expedition! "And Zhang Fengyi partner, featuring side by side actor. In the same year starred in Bayi Film Studio gift film "Lei Feng's smile" as actor Leifeng. And included in the award-winning Chinese film award-winning film, the media as "the most warm and handsome history of Lei Feng," lay the status of its red niche. In 2014, Zhong Yi Cheng, a literary youth who plays the role of a literary youth in the TV drama "Nude Marriage," is also the first attempt by Siwei Wan to experiment with urban sensibilities. The series broadcast in the prime time of Zhejiang Satellite TV and achieved good results of the first ratings at the same time period, allowing the audience to see Siwei Wan, a handsome and romantic man in modern drama. In 2017, the anti-Japanese drama "Jagged General" co-starring Hou Yong and Siwei Wan aired on CCTV 8, an atmosphere about the cooperation between the KMT and the CPC and the bloody battle of brothers and sisters. This year, the war giant, starring Siwei Wan, "Expedition! expedition! "Will also be broadcast in the prime of Chongqing Satellite TV. In addition, Siwei Wan plays the leading role in the drama" Before dawn "," Legend of bandit leader "," Female assault "," Bandit "and" Sword of honor "will also be broadcast in succession.

Gu CongLai Dream Qin Play)

Dream Qin

Dream Qin, an actress from Mainland China, graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at the Central Academy of Drama. In 2015, he participated in the movie "Love O2O" and officially entered the entertainment circle. In 2016, she participated in the puzzle show “One Stop”; in the same year, she also participated in the modern suspense drama “Beauty is stuffing” and the urban light comedy “She is very pretty”.

Song Yuan Leo So Play)

Leo So

Leo So (Leo So), born October 10, 1985 in Liaoning. 2010 TV series "educated youth" hit, so that plays "Sun Jingwen" "Leo So" and thus become famous. December 1, 2014 in the Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle broadcast theater broadcast war drama "49th Festival" as late to play expensive. In 2015, directed by Baitao, Zhang Yishan and Liu Wei starred in the anti-Japanese drama "Killing" as Feng Yonggui. In 2016 starred in the TV series "First Marriage" directed by Zhang Xiaochun, plays Valley Mid-Autumn. In April 2017, he participated in the drama "Blooming Lily" directed by director Tada and played Li Yunxiang in the play.

Jiang ZhiNi Yi Ning Wang Play)

Yi Ning Wang

Yining Wang was born on December 27, 1993 in Harbin City, Jiangnan Province, Black Dragon. He graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at the Central Academy of Drama, an actress from Mainland China. In 2013, in the Legendary Heroes drama "OrdinaryMan" as nurse Xiaolian, the 2014 partner Qing Jia and Xiaolong Zhang starred in the urban emotional drama "Wife's lie" and starred in the beautiful city of Zhou Yi. In the same year, he starred in the super-screen drama "Ultimate Teacher" and played Qin Yitian in the play. In 2015, he was starred in Zhi Lei and featured in the political commissar played by Yi Sha and Ke Hu. In 2016, he was directed by Yik Chun Go and played Qing Li in the costume emotional drama “Man vine radish” starring Yao Di (actress), Qiao Zhenyu, and Zhu Jiaqi.


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Miao XiLun Gu CongZhe No introduction
Leung Ailin Piao Piao No introduction

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