Pentium years(TV)[2018]
Pentium years(TV)[2018]
Pentium years(TV)[2018]

Pentium years(TV)[2018]

Episode: 49 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Zonghan Li Su Zhang Ruth More>> Language: Mandarin
Year: 2018
Writer: Yu Chuan Genre: Motivational

《Pentium years》Episodes

The TV series "pentium years" tells the story of the late 1970s, in the wave of reform and opening up, educated youth Zhou XiaoQiang (Calvin Li) with Liu LiXia (Ruth) the story of hard and pioneering work profoundly shows the valuable spirit of Chinese private entrepreneurs who dare to do, struggle and innovate under the background of the big era, which is full of the characteristics of The Times. Pentium years strives to depict the characters' characters, each of which is deeply rooted in the soil of The Times and presents its uniqueness. In this painting scroll of the era, there is Zhou XiaoQiang, who is full of passion and perseverance and with the temperament of "doubi". Liu LiXia, who looks like xue baochai and feels like Lin daiyu, is helping her husband reform. Zhou Fu, who seems to be bossy and old-fashioned, has great love in his heart and firmly supports his son's adventure. Lu yongnian, a reform cadre with a surface as still as water and a heart as turbulent as storm, does not take individual "black gauze cap" as the meaning. A villain who has experienced pain but is more proud and competitive Xiao Xiong ; There is a contradictory figure who once abandoned his wife and son, finally sacrificed his ego and stuck to the bottom line. There is spoony pure love but the fate of the tragic "princess" Liu LiQiu ...... The struggles, struggles and antagonisms of the protagonists, as well as the kinship, love and friendship between the characters, make the play reflect the unique temperament of "struggle, abuse and burning". Behind the characters' joys and sorrows, there is a deep reflection on human nature and the vicissitude of times. Performed by clothing entrepreneurs Zhou XiaoQiang career struggle as the main line, from the educated youth returned to the city to seek a way out, from business difficult to industrial upgrading, from the domestic market leader, to the final Chinese brands and Oriental culture shine on the international stage, Zhou XiaoQiang reflected in the mountains, and one thousand ways, strenuous "fighting spirit is what China's private entrepreneurs to flash. The emotional lines of the whole play are quite interesting. Among them, the emotional entanglements of Zhou XiaoQiang and sister Liu LiQiu and Liu LiXia can be said to make a lot of tears. If the relationship between Zhou XiaoQiang and Liu LiQiu is romantic and innocent, then Zhou XiaoQiang and Liu LiXia are bosom friends of career and good friends of life. Over the past 40 years, Zhou XiaoQiang's final emotional attribution is believed to have resonated with people who lived through that era. Beyond the emotional lines, the brotherly love between Zhou XiaoQiang and Xiao Xiong also caught the eye.From "brothers" to "rivals", from "cherish each other" to "draw the sword to each other", from all the way to kill each other and finally to reconciliation, it reflects the man's friendship in the form of "crossing all the waves and brothers, and laughing at the old feud". The two men also encapsulate the different fates and ultimate destinies of China's private entrepreneurs. After three years of continuous improvement and continuous polishing, the scriptwriter interviewed nearly a hundred private entrepreneurs, and based on their entrepreneurial path and inner journey, the script was authentic, vivid and emotional. During the shooting process, actors and directors often read the script again and again together, studying the characters' characters, words and behaviors, and striving for accuracy and vividness and perfection in every scene, shot and line. "The strength play" "the strength play" the ace play bone " The exquisite performance interprets the time-honored gallant Calvin Li, which changes the gentle and elegant image of the noble son of the republic of China in the eyes of the audience. The show, which spans 40 years, is also a big challenge for Calvin Li. In the preliminary preparation, Calvin Li read a lot of biographies of entrepreneurs and related film and television works, looking for the fulcrum and characteristics of characters. During the shooting, the amount of more than 1,000 scenes had inevitably encroached on the normal rest time, but he still sacrificed his sleep, insisted on repeatedly reading the script, and communicated with the scriptwriter and director over and over again about details Unconsciously, xiao qiang's humorous, optimistic and indomitable spirit is naturally presented in his performance and life. "Pentium years" also has the outstanding player such as Yongdai Ding, jing-ming Shi and so on to join in, the numerous acting sends the strength to rush the play, the actors shout joyfully, the role also more outstanding in the collision. Focus on details, tears and snowflakes flying "pentium years" on the details of the requirements can be described as extreme. The whole drama was shot in nanjing and Shanghai, using a combination of real scenes and sceneries to try to restore the features and details of the era. The scenes of southeast university, nanjing west station and Yangtze river show the unique cultural environment of nanjing, which endows the whole drama with unique age texture. Modern scenes such as Shanghai pudong and the bund give the whole drama a fully modern sense. In order to perfectly show the age of the protagonist, every main character has nearly ten styles, and each model is adjusted several times according to the character's identity, character and age changes. Some even take three days to make up. There are dozens of main characters in the play with hundreds of styles, thousands of costumes, and hundreds of groups performing in different ages. To achieve the effect, the women in the costume group have to catch up with the shooting time, and they can't help but cry In order to ensure the shooting effect of the fashion show, the crew specially hired Taiwan professional team for the overall visual design. More than 10 European and American models were recruited from all over the world for interpretation, and nearly 100 overseas models were recruited for performance. From the show clothes, site layout to the use of each shot lens, full expression of texture and ingenuity.

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