The adventures of science(TV)[2013]
The adventures of science(TV)[2013]

《The adventures of science》Episodes

《The adventures of science》Ep1:episode 1

Huang ShangSit on the dragon chair in the golden palace and listen to the prime ministerWu LianAnd the eunuchWei HaoXianOn economic prosperity and social stability in daming. & have spent The streets of huangzhuang town in Shanxi Province's jixian county are busier than usual as acrobats arrive. Goof offZhang ShaoGuI like these tricks, and I wish I could master them, cobblerXiao ErCriticizingZhang ShaoGufor his first day as a cobbler is not serious. ButZhang ShaoGuwas still attracted by a trick.Xiao Ercould not help joiningZhang ShaoGuin the game. & have spent In the imperial palace of Beijing,Huang Shangis enjoying the beautiful hair of Yang fei. & have spent & have spent & have spent As far as the east China sea, a small country - ryukyu emissaryGou DanTo challengeHuang Shangby the name of tributary, to bully no one in the country by the magic of the wayside door, and to humiliate Huang Shang. In the face of external humiliation, Wu Lian, the prime minister of the dynasty, and Wei HaoXian, the great eunuch, were cowardly.Huang Shangdecided to pit zhang bang against Gou Dan. Shanxi economic countyZhang YuanWaiIn the backyard,Zhang ShaoGuexpected the donkey boy in the barn to lay donkey eggs, and wanted to get money out of the donkey eggs, but Zhang was scolded by his ears. Father zhang was counting on his son to study as an official. And arrangedZhang ShaoGuto accompany liu's grandsonLiu WenCaiGo to taiyuan to take part in the imperial examination. & have spent The incompetents in Beijing don't treat others when fighting against them. Ordinary people in Beijing are united in their hatred and want to fight with Gou Dan!This moved Wu's prime minister, Wu Lian, and he vowed that if there were no one to fight for the French throne three days later, it would be him. & have spent Zhang ShaoGu, who didn't spend a few days in taiyuan, thought it would be good to come back and learn from Xiao Er. But as soon as Xiao Er saw Xiao Er, Xiao Er told him that he had made a lot of money. However, he was targeted by a Taoist priest, a Taoist lion. The Taoist lion wanted to go with all the money.

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