Taoist master(TV)[2018]
Taoist master(TV)[2018]

《Taoist master》Episodes

《Taoist master》Ep1:the first order is the root of evil.

The plot image Mo xuanyu succeeded in offering his house. Thirteen years ago, the old ancestor of yi ling who was swept away by four big families came back from rebirth without envy. When he was born again, he found that the owner of his original body was a madman. He left three wishes for him. If he did not complete them, he would curse and eat. Later, wei wu jealous of the abuse of his mojiazhuang small master moziyuan, and a big storm mojiazhuang. Moziyuan was found dead in the night, and soon moziyuan's servant, ah tong, and his mother, mozi yuan, were attacked and killed in succession, the culprit turned out to be a ghost hand. The gu su LAN's disciple blue wish and the blue view instrument were still unable to cope with under the dark help of wei's unenvious, at this time the sound of the piano appeared, the gu su er son blue zhan just arrived...

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