Episode: 22 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Crixus Guo More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Chengguo Yi Year: 2018
Genre: Drama | Urban
Producer: Chengguo Yi


The TV series "the king" tells the story of shang tieying, the father of the protagonist shang yunlong, who was suddenly sent to prison because of his teammates. Former teammate Chen YunTian helped shang return to the team when he learned of his situation. But shang's obsession with proving his father's innocence made him unbalanced, careless about training, conflicted with his teammates and even indifferent to the team's honor. With the help of Chen YunTian and his teammates, shang has rekindled his desire for football. Eventually, with the help of Chen YunTian, shang finally got to the bottom of the matter and cleared up his father's name. . After that, shang grew up together with his teammates, fought together, and rose to prominence on the stage of the national competition. .

Plot Summary>>

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