My beautiful teacher season 2(TV)[2016]
My beautiful teacher season 2(TV)[2016]

《My beautiful teacher season 2》Episodes

《My beautiful teacher season 2》Ep1:episode 1

In December of 214, the secret processing association held a supplementary meeting, and the fourteen top directors of the association gathered together to face an awkward reality. The society encountered its greatest challenge since its foundation. The battle between suran xiuzhen and the century has been going on for thousands of years. Qin Chao The smell of that Su Ji The powerful force inside the body is eager to erupt, but a mysterious figure appears at this time in sunan. Su nan, a man in black Gui Yi for Su Fei His sister at Su Fei Su Yao Under the instruction of the Su Fei, shut up, and the President of the university of southern jiangsu Su Fei, detect the bad things, hurriedly let Qin Chao Su Ji, Qin Chao is a graduate of the university of southern jiangsu, previously worked as a security guard at yuanta, with Su Ji later fell in love, is now the southern jiangsu sports teacher, temper wild but only love Su Ji, willing to sacrifice everything to Su Ji. When Qin Chao's phone couldn't get through, Su Fei had to let people go to the nursing home first, while Su Yao's line was looking for Su Ji. Su Fei has launched a mobile network tracking and positioning, but Su Yao's line of anti-sleuthing ability is by no means universal, she and her father Su ChengWen After checking into the hotel, all network signals are blocked, leaving no trace. Su Fei moves Su Ji as they continue to find their whereabouts. The network movement signal method was not feasible, so the people of Su Fei had to change their thoughts, and detected the faces of Su Yao from the faces of WeChat's friend circle album, so as to track the position of Su ChengWen's group. Su ChengWen has already got the whereabouts of Su Ji. He sent someone to look for Su Ji and found that Su Ji had been dropped by Su Fei. At this time, Su Fei was bringing people to the hotel. Su Fei is the sister of Su Yao and Su Ji, and Su ChengWen is their father. Su ChengWen asked Su Fei to surrender Su Ji, but Su Fei said Su Ji was weak. She had sent Su Ji to a nursing home and hoped Su ChengWen would respect Su Ji's own thoughts.Then Su Fei left the hotel. Su ChengWen asked Su Yao to bring back Su Ji and recover Su Ji within seven days, so that Su Fei could no longer be arrogant. Su ChengWen is surrounded by Gui Yi, who is capable of exploration beyond ordinary people. He discovered the whereabouts of Su Ji with only one object touched by Su Fei. Qin Chao came to see Su Fei. Su Fei told him that Su ChengWen and Su Yao had come back. Su ChengWen came back to break up Su Ji and Qin Chao. Su Fei took Qin Chao to a safe place to meet Su Ji. She wanted to arrange the two to go abroad. Su Yao is a highly capable secret agent and this trip must take place behind closed doors. When they arrived at the safe place, there was a scream from Su Ji. Su Fei and Qin Chao saw Gui Yi standing in front of Su Ji. Just as Su Ji was getting out of control, Gui Yi used the millennium incense for Su Ji, and Qin Chao maintained the strong intention of Su Ji, saying that if Gui Yi dared to touch Su Ji again, he would make Gui Yi pay the price. Gui Yi ignored Qin Chao and just wanted to take Su Ji back. Su Fei refused. Gui Yi had to say that he came here to save Su Ji. Su Fei doesn't believe Gui Yi's words. Qin Chao wants to drive away Gui Yi with the true spirit, but Su Ji wakes up at this time. Su Ji was in great pain. Gui Yi's loss to Su Ji made her feel better, and she remembered that Gui Yi had sent wen yu to her when she was six years old. Seeing the situation at Su Ji, Su Fei changed her mind and agreed that Gui Yi would take Su Ji away, but she made it clear that she would pick up Su Ji herself after Su Ji recovered. Xiao Yi When I met her on the ship, she was a poor old man, who was also evil, just like her brother, but always regarded her as an enemy. She liked her for a thousand years, but she only cared about her, so she could only choose to be with her in silence. Xiao Yi called out to rosie, then found that she is not rosie, but xuanyuan qi, xuanyuan qi is the ancient drought, a real young apprentice, but due to the extreme air is sealed in rosie in the body, and rosie a double soul. Xiao Yi wanted to find her, but ying told Xiao Yi that he could not find her. Although she was in rosie's body, she could see clearly that rosie was badly hurt this time and needed enough time to rest. Xiao Yi, however, could not accept the fact and insisted on retrieving rosie. Su Ji is brought back to Su ChengWen by Gui Yi. Gui Yi claims that the magical character of Su Ji has completely disappeared, and only pure individuals can withstand the power of the eye of the dragon vein. If the situation of Su Ji is to be solved, all the memories of her understanding of ying long can be cleaned and her body rebuilt. Su ChengWen agreed with Gui Yi's suggestion that Gui Yi change the face of Su Ji and hide her identity while cleaning his memory.On the other side, sakura meets the mystery monk Zhang ChuGe Zhang ChuGe saw ying's serious injury and he took the initiative to heal her. Sensing her abnormality, Xiao Yi immediately went to ying's side and engaged Zhang ChuGe. Ying stopped Xiao Yi, saying Zhang ChuGe helped her handle the midrib and she thought she was more in tune with rosie's body. Xiao Yi dismissed Zhang ChuGe as just nosy.

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