Blue Fire Blade(TV)[2012]
Blue Fire Blade(TV)[2012]
Blue Fire Blade(TV)[2012]

Blue Fire Blade(TV)[2012]

Episode: 31 Area: China
Stars: Zhigang Yang Siyan Liu Kai Zheng More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Guoqing Zhang Year: 2012
Writer: fengji Genre: Youth | Inspirational | Contemporary military brigade

《Blue Fire Blade》Episodes

"Fire Blue Blade" tells the higher order: Expanded enrollment Marine Corps amphibious reconnaissance unit. Naval reconnaissance brigade instructors have rushed to all over the country recruiting talent. A dangerous underwater rescue, the grass-roots fishermen who love bragging Jiang XiaoYu mistakenly sent to the brutal training known as the "animal camp." Here, he met a group of peerless geniuses - Zhang Chong, an underestimated crocodile in the Yangtze River, the national college swimmer Lu Yan, the beastmaster of the Beastmaster Balang, Growing "God of War" Xiang Yu, the god of war on the prairie hunter Wu YunGeRiLei et al. Unable to adapt to the hard training, Jiang XiaoYu brains fought Lu Yan prepare to flee the "beast camp", but strayed into the sea training ground, as a guard. Zhang Chong's work impulse was sent to the sea training ground due to a word of discord and fight with his comrades. Girl gun god Wu YunGeRiLei accidentally know that the sea training field has a shooting master and apply to the higher training ground to the sea training field, the four young people together, took place. Deng JiuGuang and Liu XiaoShan, guarding the two veterans of the sea training grounds, were outstanding scouts of the older generation who, leaving their reconnaissance battalion with injuries, rested their hopes and efforts on these young men. However, Jiang XiaoYu and others did not appreciate it. They thought there was no hope and they just refused to carry out training in view of their presence. Until one day, in the event of a sudden pirate ship hijacking, the old monitor Liu XiaoShan sacrificed to cover Jiang XiaoYu. Instructors of the blood let young people understand: all the training is for the country, the protection of people is the responsibility of every soldier. Jiang XiaoYu, Lu Yan, Zhang Chong, Wu YunGeRiLei began to face a new life: accept the most difficult training and "make the last drop of blood for the ocean of the motherland." Finally in a contest with foreign special forces stand out in confrontation with the power of the team to withstand the enemy's "attack" has become the hero of the Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalion received a symbol of the highest honor naval scout "Blue Fire Dagger ". Four returned to "animal camp" training, after some non-human training, Jiang XiaoYu et al. Persisted in the end, and finally on behalf of the country to participate in the international scout confrontation. In the international arena, Jiang XiaoYu gave full play to his extraordinary ability and bravely "stood up" under numerous heavy blows by "the enemy," leaving the hope of victory to comrades in arms. In the end, the Chinese team won the first place, Jiang XiaoYu contributed. After returning to China, Jiang XiaoYu took the lead in setting up the squadron of dragon sharks, recruiting troops and training troops, and the combat effectiveness of the troops increased with each passing day. A code-named "blade" dangerous underwater mission, Jiang XiaoYu and his friends hesitate to dive into the deep sea, and the international pirates to death battle, Jiang XiaoYu to save his comrade in arms and was seriously injured.

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