Exclusive Memory(TV)[2018]
Exclusive Memory(TV)[2018]
Exclusive Memory(TV)[2018]

Exclusive Memory(TV)[2018]

Episode: 24 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Juck Zhang Li Tingting Chen BoHao More>> Language: Mandarin
Year: 2018
Genre: Youth | Cure | Love

《Exclusive Memory》Episodes

TV Drama "Exclusive Memory" Drama Description: Tells the story of Dr. Mu Cheng He, Ph.D., in the Department of Physics. He started a romantic love story about two-way crushes due to the misunderstanding of Xue Tong, a junior female student.

"Exclusive Memories" was produced by Beijing Xiaotangren Culture Media Co., Ltd., directed by Liu Chang, the "Best Us" director, and a farewell to the youthful love drama starring actors such as Chao Zhang, Li Tingting and Chen BoHao.

Praise the crew, wood floating airborne harvest full of surprises

For the first time in the class of “Exclusive Memories”, Mu Suo-sheng was full of expectations for the presentation of the drama. Therefore, Mu Busheng arrived at the crew that night and was accompanied by the director Liu Chang to watch the rough cuts of the screen shots. The touching point of the film's texture and the original details of the footage presented in the footage gave Mu-Yue a surprise, and left a deep impression on the interpretation of the actor.

Therefore, in the official tour of the crew on the second day, Mu Laisheng took advantage of the shooting gap and communicated with each star in the scene to share the original intention of the creation. During the filming process, the rigorous attitude of the director Liu Chang's shooting technique and the main creative people's desire to go through more than 10 rounds for a perfect shot is frequently praised. He is full of confidence in the success of the online drama "Exclusive Memory."

Super-God interpretation of Mu ChengHe, Mu-Feng Sheng's full mark was launched

The IP adaptation drama, the audience is most concerned about the shaping of the soul. Although on many occasions Wood Life said "Chao Zhang is the best Mu ChengHe in her heart." However, after seeing the footage of Mu ChengHe, who starred in Chao Zhang's live scene, Mu Laisheng was still uncomfortable in his heart. He was not praised by Chao Zhang as Mu ChengHe.

Of course, as a starring, Chao Cheng also has his own understanding of Mu ChengHe. From Chao Zhang's point of view, Mu Chenghe's innocence of feelings, his dedication to ideals, and his character's growing up in the story line are all attractive to him. His 17 years of passion for music has given him a better understanding of Mu Cheng He’s pursuit of his studies.


It is understood that in order to better interpret the identity of Dr. Mu ChengHe's Ph.D. Department of Physics, Chao Zhang, who starred in the network drama one month before the start of the game, conducted a large number of systematic physical wind tunnel knowledge, Russian language professional training, and the entire shooting. At the same time, the Russian teachers explained and corrected the conversation, and they were able to speak and communicate fluently and fluently in Russian. The Russian dramas in this online drama “Exclusive Memories” will also use the original sound of the same period of time to show the perfect performance of the actor.

For Mu ChengHe, played by Chao Zhang, Mu Laisheng gave the greatest recognition. In her opinion, Mu ChengHe not only has a handsome appearance, but also possesses a poet-like ideal and a scholar-like rational temperament. Both of these points are reflected in Chao Zhang. I am greatly impressed by Chao Zhang's efforts and achievements in practicing the Russian language. It is said that this is his full score of Mu ChengHe.

Completely restored? Wood Busheng affirms the creation of net drama adaptation

As an IP adaptation drama, the adaptation of the online drama “Exclusive Memories” and the range of adaptations have also been entangled by countless original fans. In response, Mu Laisheng expressed his confidence in the reorganization of the online drama "Exclusive Memories," and expressed his recognition in the in-depth exchanges with Wang Zhiyong, screenwriter director of the online drama "Exclusive Memories."

For the original fans' concerns about the adaptation, Wang Zhiyong, director of screenplay of “Exclusive Memories,” also specifically responded.

"For the process of IP adaptation, Xiaogan always likes to adopt a continuous adaptation approach. We do not do simple and simple restoration, nor do we separate from the original creation. We do it based on the original emotion expression to simplify Or add part of the story content and enrich the story structure. In the online drama “Exclusive Memory”, we attach special importance to the unity of emotional expression and visual effect expression of this high-quality IP. Therefore, in the process of reorganizing the Internet drama, around the men and women Emotionally unfolding contents and classic bridge sections have all been preserved, but to facilitate the development of the story, we made some adaptations of Mu ChengHe's identity and removed too much idol content to make his appearance more real. In order to display the different growth trajectories of the post-90 college students, we used the “genius doctoral student” to reshape the identity line of Mu ChengHe. At the same time, based on the original work, we focused on portraying Bai Lin and Zhao Xiaoyu. The growth stories of such characters as Song QiQi and Liu Qi allow each audience to see the growth from it.”

Mu Laisheng also stated that novels and online dramas are inherently different. Trapped in the limitations of the volume of the novel, it is difficult to use the same length to explain each person's story growth clues. Therefore, in addition to the female teacher Xue Tong, everyone uses less space to show. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for the drama "Exclusive Memory" to be adapted on the basis of these pages. On the basis of the original works, each character was profoundly enriched, and each character in the pen was alive. She was especially satisfied and surprised.

It is reported that the online drama "Exclusive Memories" will land on the iqiyi platform in the second half of the year to meet with everyone. We will wait and see how this high-quality IP reprogramming drama is presented.

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《Exclusive Memory》Episodes

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