Want to see you smile(TV)[2018]
Want to see you smile(TV)[2018]

《Want to see you smile》Episodes

《Want to see you smile》Ep4:Ji Xiaoxing and Shu Zhan ambiguous upgrade.Du Nian and Ji Xiaoxing produce girlfriends gap.

Xin YuanLing and Shen Xun ate together, but he did a little trick to use Shen Xun feelings to participate in The Life of the Bliss. Du Nian accidentally discovered the black dress in the wardrobe of the small row. Shu Zhan is reluctant to read the line, Ji XiaoXing used his past experience to change his mind. Du Nian went to meet his company boss and was asked to use resources to become friends with Shu Zhan. Xiaoxing chose to refuse because of Shu Zhan, and the two players kept escalating to the atmosphere but were Du Ruo.

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