Episode: 24 Area: Korea
Stars: ‎주지훈 Eun-hye Yun Jeong-Hoon Kim More>> Language: Korean
Director: In-roe Hwang Year: 2006
Genre: Love | Comedy


The "palace" story takes place in the constitutional monarchy of the Republic of Korea in the 21st century. Today, Huang Di Li Xian critically ill, the Empress Dowager decided that only 19-year-old Crown Prince as soon as possible for the wedding to prepare for succession throne. By the all-Korean girl admire the crown prince Li Xin quasi-imperial concubine is actually an ordinary can not be ordinary school high school girl Shen Caijing? ! What is going on? Civilians marry into the royal family will happen what kind of highlights? Has the heart of the prince belonging to really fall in love with this ordinary girl? The beautiful story begins.

Plot Summary>>

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