Episode: 34 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Shuo Yang Michelle Ye More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Liu Guotong Year: 2013
Writer: Huang JianPing Leon Chen Kai Genre: Revolution | War
Producer: Junkai Zhao


"Knife" tells the story of Chen Ting in the War of Resistance Against Japan embarked on the influence of Western culture, also accepted the communist baptism of soldiers, shouldering the special mission of the party, carefully selected in the warm-blooded youth anti-Japanese masculine anti-clerical knives Group, in-depth enemy rear anti-Japanese agents to carry out activities. Among them are top students from West Point Military Academy, martial arts masters, peerless thieves, blasting engineers and senior locksmiths. Guided by the party's command, the members of the Daojao group have demonstrated their skills and performed various arduous tasks: assassinating Japanese generals, blowing up military targets, seizing confidential intelligence and rescuing captured comrades-in-arms.

Plot Summary>>

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