The world owes me a first love(TV)[2019]
The world owes me a first love(TV)[2019]

《The world owes me a first love》Episodes

Xing Yun (tatsuura-honke Brewing) is plucked from the talent market by startup "tsundere President" Xia Ke (Xing shulin) to become a junior employee at TIG mobile game due to its good connotations. With a passion for her career and confidence in Xia Ke, her life has been turned on "extreme" mode, not to mention a career bottleneck caused by her single mother. In an attempt to win a position as a planner for a love game, Xing Yun takes a blind date journey to experience true love feel. Instead, she bumps into a blue buff (huang jidong), a good boy. Xing Yun, who was supposed to start his "great fortune", has been stepping on the pit frequently. No one expected that chu nan and Xia Ke's sister, shen qing (liu ruoyan), had an abusive relationship. Distracted by her plans, Xing Yun gets to know Xia Ke's best friend, zhai zilu. The naive Xing Yun attracts the attention of him, and the "heart harvester" makes a fierce pursuit of him. Xia Ke, meanwhile, has gradually found her feelings for Xing Yun. However, yao qing (Chen haolan), a "smart lady" who has been secretly in love with her, has become a "stumbling block" to her. TIG, on the other hand, has run into the divestment crisis, and career and love seem to have opened the ultimate checkpoint overnight

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