Episode: 40 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Yunlong Liu Yunlong Liu Xijuan Zhu More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Yunlong Liu Year: 2005
Writer: Mai Jia Genre: Spy game | Drama
Producer: Min Pang


The TV series “Potential” is divided into three chapters: Listening to the Wind, Watching the Wind and Trapping the Wind. The three are relatively independent in terms of time and story, and are inextricably linked. Listen to the wind, that is, the radio listener; this is a group of people who “play in the country by their ears.” Their ears can hear the sound of the sky, the sound of silence, and the secret sound. Look at the wind, the person who decrypts the code; this is a group of people who are “good at the machine” and their eyes can see through the secret, read the book of the heavens, read the books without words. The wind-breaking, that is, the underground workers of our party; at the time of the Kuomintang’s ambitious implementation of the White Terror, they were the victims and even the combatants. They disguised themselves, went deep into the tiger's den, battled against the wind, and set an enduring legacy for the Republic. . The first "Listening to the Wind" is the story of An ZaiTian and A Bing. The story happened in the fall of 1950 - the spring of 1952. This is the season in which our country’s military is the most struggling and the country faces the greatest changes. In the military, the North is to fight the Americans. There are many remnants of the Kuomintang in the depths of the Southern Mountains. They need to be destroyed as soon as possible. The outbreak of the U.S.-DPRK war led to the resurgence of Chiang Kai-shek and many wandering followers. The temptation to counterattack the mainland has spurred the spy secretaries all over the country to attempt to rewrite the history of China. Some sources pointed out that there were nearly one hundred thousand special agents in the country at that time. The main activities were in major cities. They carried out explosions everywhere, destroyed public facilities, spread rumors, and disturbed the hearts and minds of the military. The activities of the special agents are of course underground. The main use of the communication is the radio. This is their lifeline, and it is also the main battle line for us to smash the spy organizations. Radio contact is afraid of interception, ie air interception. As long as you know the frequency and time of contacts, anyone can copy the telegrams of the other party as a "third party." Therefore, in order to counter interception, radio liaisons often need to change the contact frequency and time in order to get rid of the listener. For the listener, when the other party changes the contact time and frequency, it must be found as soon as possible, otherwise listening will become empty talk. Then one day, the radio station on Taiwan’s mainland island that was in contact with the mainland disappeared overnight. In the sound radio sea, various radio stations are like fish and shrimp. To find a specific radio station is like finding a specific leaf in the forest. The difficulty can be imagined. Not only does it take you day and night, but it also requires that you have A pair of sensitive ears. So, with An ZaiTian looking for A Bing and A Bing to find the enemy station. A Bing is a stranger. He can't see anything, but he can hear everything. The second volume, “Looking at the Wind,” tells the love story of An ZaiTian and the genius mathematician Huang YiYi. The story took place in the spring of 1960 - autumn of 1962. This period was also the most difficult period in our country. There were natural disasters within three years. The Soviet Union’s external debt accumulated for many years was still to be returned, which could be described as internal and external difficulties. Internationally, the two major camps confront each other and the Cold War has intensified. There are many spies in various countries. The lack of material resources and the policy of locking the country directly lead to the simplicity and paleness of people's spiritual world. Love is only an old habit, a need for survival, not a spiritual pursuit. Men and women are different, and they are as clear and stubborn as social and financial resources. Everyone needs to be careful and cannot be vague.Under this worldly trend and this kind of secularity, a person who pursues the freedom of individuality and yearns for a beautiful love has naturally become an alien number, and has become an eye-catching and talkable landscape. A few years before the story began, An ZaiTian had been engaged in secret espionage in the Soviet Union in the name of deciphering deciphering crypto-technologies to decipher master Andrew. Then one day, he was suddenly recalled by 701 headquarters. A new story came into being. The original password of the enemy changed. Then, An ZaiTian searched for Huang YiYi and Huang YiYi to decode the code. Huang Yi Yi was born in the East and came from the West. She has the wisdom of God and the side of the angels. In the era of closing the country, the angel's side seems to be often misunderstood as the devil's side. The stillness of the third catch of the wind tells the story of An ZaiTian's father and mother. The story happened in Shanghai in the 1930s. In 1931, it was an even worse year for the CCP’s underground organization in the horror of the White Terror. On April 24 of that year, Gu Shunzhang, member of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee and chief of the Communist Party Central Committee’s special section, made a defection. As a result, the underground organization in Shanghai was severely damaged. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai was also forced to evacuate Shanghai. For a time, the underground organization in Shanghai was almost headless and the information sent to the Soviet Union was interrupted for a time. However, in front of it, the KMT is stepping up its efforts to organize a fourth round of encirclement. In order to win an anti-encirclement and suppression victory, the Central Government transferred to the Soviet area urgently needs underground organizations such as Shanghai and Nanjing to provide reliable military intelligence. It is in this context that the Party Central Committee dispatched special envoys to Shanghai to prepare for the revitalization and power of the underground Shanghai organization. Unfortunately, the special envoy's actions in Shanghai were exposed, and the only person who knew, An ZaiTian's father, was placed under house arrest and how he could send out intelligence.

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