First heart(TV)[2018]
First heart(TV)[2018]
First heart(TV)[2018]

First heart(TV)[2018]

Episode: 32 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Jingan Wu Liuyuan Ding Yu Song More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Yeming Song Year: 2018
Genre: Plot | Inspirational

《First heart》Episodes

"Beginning of the heart" tells the solemn agreement that "General Peasants" Gan ZuChang never forget to let the folks have a good life after the liberation, resolutely resigned his position, with his wife Gong QuanZhen and children to return home, led the folks to work hard and change Home backward outlook & nbsp ;. In 1949, the People's Liberation Army liberated Xinjiang peacefully and the Xinjiang Military Region was established. Gan ZuChang served as the deputy minister of logistics. At that time, the enemy specialists supported the speculators Xinjiang in disrupting prices and wantonly monopolizing the gold and silver balls. In an attempt to economically destabilize the People's Liberation Army, Gan ZuChang put silver balls at a low price in the circulation market, cracking down on unscrupulous profiteers, stabilizing the market and stabilizing the political situation in Xinjiang. Since then, enemy specialists have made a serious head injury in retaliation for Gan ZuChang to make a car accident. In 1955, Gan ZuChang was awarded the rank of major general, and Li Baoshan, who enlisted him in the same village, conferred the title. Lee was jealous of Gan, was dismissed from his hometown after being disciplined. Gan ZuChang concussion severe sequelae, consciously not suitable for serving the army, coupled with home after returning to see the liberation but still living in poverty, since the resignation, return to their hometown of Jiangxi Lianhua County along the back village. After returning home, he worked tirelessly and continued to contribute to the economic construction of his hometown. He ruled out all difficulties, dressing water and dry land, building reservoirs, communes and other agricultural establishments, so that farmer life has greatly improved. Gan ZuChang, a pioneer of the times, has become a model for leading cadres without sacrificing his high position and his dedication to sacrifice. Beginning of the TV series Related information: TV series "Beginning of hearts" premiere conference will be held January 30 at the Beijing Great Hall of the People Information Center, the drama will be February 2 in the central set of gold files broadcast. It is understood that the TV series "Beginning", formerly known as "unforgettable initial heart", is the focus of the drama to the 19 anniversary of the party, in September 2017 in Lotus County. The drama was shot in Lianhua County for more than two months. During the filming, all cast members of the crew took Gan ZuChang's hard work and led the masses to build a new countryside as an example. They took the heat and warmed themselves and put all the creative passion into their work. Shooting. During the filming shoot of Lotus, the crew chiefs were impressed by the deeds of Gan ZuChang and Gong QuanZhen. Before the imminent departure of Lotus, the crew members came to Gan ZuChang again for the general tomb. At the tomb of the generals, some of the cast members such as Gan ZuChang, Wu Jingan, Gong QuanZhen, Ding Liuyuan, and Song Yeong-ming, general director, presented flowers and fruits with great admiration. All the staff stood silent and bowed.

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