Infernal Affairs(TV)[2016]
Infernal Affairs(TV)[2016]
Infernal Affairs(TV)[2016]

Infernal Affairs(TV)[2016]

Episode: 36 Area: Hong Kong
Stars: Chung Him Law Yang Wang Chung Him Law More>> Language: English
Year: 2016
Genre: Police bandits

《Infernal Affairs》Episodes

Infernal Affairs tells the story of Wei JunXuan (Him Law), an intern inspector of the Hong Kong Police Force, determined to become the fastest-rising inspector in history. An anti-drug operation, Jun Xuan hit a 50% off the suspect, gazette revenge, so that half of the drug poisoning. Jun Hsuan found fifty percent of the deaths after the accident, it has been feeling uneasy guilt, relying on the treatment of psychiatrist Hu JiaLin (People), to a little calm. Mainland police Jiang ZiDan (Yang Wang) came to visit his friends and found that 50% of overdosed drugs were falling dead. Bullet amazed at this, that this is impossible, decided to find out the truth to prove friend's innocence. It did not take long for the bullet to find out about 50% of deaths related to a drug trafficking network run by a Hong Kong gang of gangsters that is now in collusion with a foreign drug cartel and plans to open up this huge market in China! He immediately contacted the Hong Kong police and jointly deployed operations between the two places to destroy this cross-border drug trafficking syndicate & nbsp ;. In the second quarter, Wei JunXuan (Him Law) indirectly killed Hu GuanYou (Damian Lau), the father of Hu JiaLin (People also ask), who was regretful and unwilling but was again replaced by Han Lang (Gallen Lo) Threatened, had to cooperate with it. Jun Xuan wanted to overthrow Han Lang in conjunction with an undercover bullet (Yang Wang), but unexpectedly Han Lang burst out of his bullet friend Wu YongZhe (Edmond Leung ornaments). Under the impulse of bullets, Jun Heung's black-guard status was revealed to the police. Jun Xuan was taken into custody and was not prosecuted for the evidence being destroyed by Han Lang. However, he has lost his identity as a police officer forever. Hu GuanYou died, winning the league rudderless, everyone right infighting. Jia Lin inherited all the heritage of Hu GuanYou, because of fear of his brother Luo Wei (Kevin ornaments), Jia Lin himself involved in the competition of the boss. Jun Xuan seized the opportunity to win the winning couplets, in fact, this is the chief inspector of anti-narcotics Zhang Ding (Berg Ng decoration) of the plan, the original Zhang Ding re-Jun Jun and get in touch, so Jun Hin mixed victory to do Undercover, contact with colleague Su Qing (Toby Leung ornaments) to obtain information, wear meritorious service. Junxuan squeezed within the win, especially the old lover Jia Lin Jun Jun Hin has been known to participate in the killing of her father, and Jun Xuan against enemies. Jun Xuan suffered a blow, but in the winning stubborn tenacious survival, meritorious service, and tried to explain to Jia Lin, a lot of ease between the two. In the third quarter, the former gangster's daughter Hu JiaLin was admitted to hospital by Han Lang attacker. Wei JunXuan, the former police victor who has been a member of the UEFA team, has been guarding her at home, taking care of her and apologizing to her Lynn was discharged, finally accepted Junxuan, the two married. Han Lang support Jun Xuan to become the boss, but still behind Jun Xuan. Jun Xuan was just assassinated, Han Lang stay Jun Xuan Guan Sheng United, alone to Thailand to get through all drug trafficking routes in Hong Kong, but was attacked by enemy ambushes in Thailand was arrested, unexpectedly met in the cell was caught Thailand bullets, bullets to kill Han Lang, but because of the sense of justice and can not afford to hand. When the two were held in captivity and rescued, they were rescued by a mysterious man who was Chen YueQi!Before the original bullets and Yue Qi into crisis, to be executed, Luo Wei did not kill Yue Qi, but the Qi Xue hid up, and other opportunities for bullets and Yue Qi reunion, Yue Qi learned that the bullets were robbed to Thailand , Desperate to rescue. The bullet was determined to paralyze Han Lang, proposed a reconciliation with Han Lang, and the two collaborated to rehabilitate Thai underworld forces and return to Hong Kong.

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