My name is Liu ChuanShuo(TV)[2015]
My name is Liu ChuanShuo(TV)[2015]

《My name is Liu ChuanShuo》Cast

Liu ChuanShuo Yongchen Qian Play)

Reeling small cooks, superb cooking. Although his character is rude, he has perseverance and strength. With his unique and wonderful ideas, he not only won the war, but also won the love of Wang TianGe.

Yongchen Qian

Yongchen Qian, born in Shanghai on December 2, 1980, is an actor in mainland China and graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2002, starred in the personal first family drama "family benefit" into the showbiz. In 2008, because of the fashion city drama "Twins" as chapter played Zhangle corner was recognized by the audience. In 2009, with the Republic of China drama "diamond giants" get more attention. In 2012, starring in the drama "married into giants." In 2016, starring national drama "honeysuckle rose." In 2017, participating in spy drama "perfect match."

Wang TianGe

Returned to China, both brave and brave. Rich operational experience not only makes her ranking political commissar of the Eighth Route Army chief positions, but also created her noble and arrogant personality. One of the two most important men in revolutionary life is Lin Tuan Zhang, who is identified by the organization as her background, and Liu Chuan Shuo, the other one.


No introduction

Cao ShangFei Jin Gao Play)

Jin Gao

Jin Gao (formerly known as the peak), March 2, 1977 was born in Datong City, Shanxi Province, graduated from the PLA Art Institute, Mainland actor. In 2001, starred in one of the first TV series "twenty-eight tenants of Professor Tian's home." In 2003, participating in the military drama "our company." In 2006, starred in the military inspirational drama "Soldier Assault." In 2008, participating in the war drama "My head my mission." In 2009, joined the war emotional drama "flag fluttering." In 2010, starred in exotic movie "Kanas Love". In 2011, with the starring theme of the war movie "September kill" nominated for the 18th Beijing University Film Festival best TV movie actor award. In 2012, appeared in the revolutionary historical drama "warrior spirit." In 2013, joined the war drama "Hill Fighting Devils." In 2014, participated in salvation theme drama "blue sky ambition." In 2015, Jin Gao joined the war drama "a total of national crisis." In 2016, participated in the public security drama "police pot brother."

Lin TuanZhang Shuo Yang Play)

Shuo Yang

Yang Shuo was born on January 2, 1983 in Yichun, Heilongjiang Province. He is a film and television actor in the Mainland of China and graduated from the undergraduate course of performance at the Central Academy of Drama. In 2004, starred in the first personal TV series "love in the left, right in the right", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2007, starring young love inspirational drama "happy tears." In 2008, in the war drama "life and death line" in the play four winds. 2010, won the Spring TV series Internet Festival best newcomer award. In 2011, the starring youth inspirational drama "Ant tribe" premiered. In 2012, the comedy action movie "Golden Robbery" was released. In the same year, Yu Huanlong was played in the legendary play "The Knife-Hakka Woman". In 2013, the most influential brand in China received the media attention Star Award. In 2014, he was awarded the top ten performer awards in the Tenth National TV and Film Industry Awards. In 2015, starred in science fiction suspense drama "hidden motivation." In 2016, the premiere debut of the urban career drama "Ode to Joy", featuring Bao Yi Fan in the play. In 2017, she was awarded the Leapfrog Drama of the Year for Chinese TV Series; In the same year, she starred in the fashion idol drama "Returning the World to You"; and on December 8, she was awarded the "Attracting Star of Attraction for the Year by the Commercial Star Power Pinot Noir Festival".

More《My name is Liu ChuanShuo》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yi-luan Zhang Hua MuDan Smart, straightforward, articulate and enthusiastic, Hua MuDan eventually joined the People's Liberation Army as the story evolved to fight the enemy with a like-minded partner.
(None) Luo SanBao No introduction
Jin Gao Flying grass (Cao Erye) Two tigers bandit two tiger Cao Erye, due to their agility, martial arts, nicknamed "Cao ShangFei." As a bandit leader, Cao ShangFei's life is full of fists, guns and rivers and lakes morality. Therefore, the "ruthless" force shown on him is the attitude of life revealed in his bones. Only being ruthless can he survive.
(None) Shu Ji No introduction
Ma Wei Jun Ban TianGuiYi No introduction
Song Qing Jia BanXian Liu Chuan Shuo's team mate. An accurate half-life fortune teller. Although Jia BanXian seemingly child-friendly, not trimming, but in fact he is wise.
(None) Hua WuZi No introduction
Guo Qiucheng Lu Yang Shuji, the newly appointed Etao Central County Committee, and Chef Liu ChuanShuo often triggered ideological conflicts because of their very different style of conduct. However, since he is upright in character and bent on the party, he is willing to honestly face the mistakes he has made and, Sublimation of Liu ChuanShuo in several collisions.
Bokun Qin Pan ShiJie Pan ShiJie, especially hard-hearted, on the surface he is particularly weak and childish, vandalism and even trying to catch girls are also sneaky.
(None) Ban TianGuiEr No introduction
(None) Da ShiXiong No introduction
(None) Er ShiXiong No introduction
Jie Liang Yue XiaoLan No introduction
(None) Pang FanYi No introduction
Summer Shaohang Qian Ye No introduction
(None) Yu ZhangGui No introduction
Liu Wei state Zhao ZhangSheng No introduction
Dennis Lin Sheng No introduction
Sun Zhengyu Zhao Qi No introduction
Xin Yuan Yu Liu No introduction

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