I will not be bullied by the girls(TV)[2018]
I will not be bullied by the girls(TV)[2018]

《I will not be bullied by the girls》Cast

Ye Lin August Play)

Blood, generous, passionate, in the late two disease, forcing the king of straight, pure straight male without cancer. Self-proclaimed campus boss, but often bad heart to do a good deed. "Bad" unique, innocent.


August (August), born August 2, 1998 in Zhejiang Province, male singer and actor in Mainland China. In April 2012, August participated in the variety show "Up! "Juvenile" entered the national top 200 and entered the entertainment circle; in August, he participated in the personal first drama "Fairy tale half". In March 2014, she participated in the personal first film "Perfect Wife 168." In July 2015, August participated in the reality show "Star Action Asia" and successfully entered the top 15 in the country. In October 2016, August officially debuted with a 10-man men's team SWIN.

Shen ShaoYi Wang counseling more Play)

School grass Shen ShaoYi, known as "three-pointers small guy." Seemingly cynical son Ge Er, but straight silly white sweet. A casual dress up ceremony, with 186cm height he is very handsome young.

Wang counseling more

Wang counseling more, a new generation of mainland actors. In 2017, she starred in the online drama “I will not be bullied by the girls” directed by Chen Peng.

Shu Zhe

School "mobile radio station", all kinds of gossip distribution center. Lively and outgoing, dilapidated Meng, sensitive and delicate, there is a burning gossip heart. Swordsman tricks, sell fake money around Shu Sha to sell money, in exchange for chasing funds. Ye Lin's on-duty, Shu Sha's younger brother, head of Ai MiEr fans, fanatical Ai MiEr.


No introduction

Ren XiaoQin Lu Yang foreign Play)

Gemini, nicknamed bully. High School (B) class transfer students, Ye Lin after the table, crazy obsession Ye Lin. Has two personality patterns. Daily appearance of weak, boneless, gentle and pleasant, "Cap unscrewed stars," everyone's sister in the eyes of the neighbors, need to care for the focus of the object. The other side of her, black belly black fierce, is the children help in fear-provoking "bully." Battle MAX.

Lu Yang foreign

卢洋洋,1994年2月19日出生于山东省威海市,毕业于齐鲁师范学院音乐系。中国内地歌手,新晋影视演员,女子偶像组合MIXX女团队长。2018年,主演电视剧《我才不会被女孩子欺负呢》 、《异变危机》 。同年,主演电视剧《旋风魔术师》 。2018年,出演以乒乓竞技为主元素的励志网剧《追球》,在剧中饰演“白薇”一角。 2019年,其参演电影《在乎你》 在中国内地公映。

More《I will not be bullied by the girls》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jiang Yu Wei Shu Sha High school sophomore (B) class monitor, comprehensive evaluation of the first eugenics around parents mouth "others children." Shu Zhe's sister.
Xuan Wang Ai MiEr Rebellious, confident, cunning, passionate, a lot of ghosts, there are too arrogant and ignore the feelings of others when ~ pre-show dignitaries, people suffer from the "Queen", has a strong performative personality, good at creating a diligent Idol image, private but it is a personal kid's smart girl.

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