I will not be bullied by the girls(TV)[2018]
I will not be bullied by the girls(TV)[2018]

《I will not be bullied by the girls》Character Relationships

TV《I will not be bullied by the girls》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《I will not be bullied by the girls》 Character Relationships:

《I will not be bullied by the girls》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Ye Lin

Blood, generous, passionate, in the late two disease, forcing the king of straight, pure straight male without cancer. Self-proclaimed campus boss, but often bad heart to do a good deed. "Bad" unique, innocent.

Shen ShaoYi

School grass Shen ShaoYi, known as "three-pointers small guy." Seemingly cynical son Ge Er, but straight silly white sweet. A casual dress up ceremony, with 186cm height he is very handsome young.

Shu Zhe

School "mobile radio station", all kinds of gossip distribution center. Lively and outgoing, dilapidated Meng, sensitive and delicate, there is a burning gossip heart. Swordsman tricks, sell fake money around Shu Sha to sell money, in exchange for chasing funds. Ye Lin's on-duty, Shu Sha's younger brother, head of Ai MiEr fans, fanatical Ai MiEr.

Ren XiaoQin

Gemini, nicknamed bully. High School (B) class transfer students, Ye Lin after the table, crazy obsession Ye Lin. Has two personality patterns. Daily appearance of weak, boneless, gentle and pleasant, "Cap unscrewed stars," everyone's sister in the eyes of the neighbors, need to care for the focus of the object. The other side of her, black belly black fierce, is the children help in fear-provoking "bully." Battle MAX.

Shu Sha

High school sophomore (B) class monitor, comprehensive evaluation of the first eugenics around parents mouth "others children." Shu Zhe's sister.

Ai MiEr

Rebellious, confident, cunning, passionate, a lot of ghosts, there are too arrogant and ignore the feelings of others when ~ pre-show dignitaries, people suffer from the "Queen", has a strong performative personality, good at creating a diligent Idol image, private but it is a personal kid's smart girl.



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