Hot blood Changan(TV)[2017]
Hot blood Changan(TV)[2017]
Hot blood Changan(TV)[2017]

Hot blood Changan(TV)[2017]

Episode: 48 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Joe Jingyi Ju Herman More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Wang JunYe Year: 2017
Genre: Ancient clothing | Suspense

《Hot blood Changan》Episodes

In 626 AD, Changan, Datang capital suddenly aroused, suspicion of four, people panic. Dali Temple set up an investigation team to investigate these seemingly monstrous events, members include Sa MoDuoLuo (Xu Haiqiao ornaments), "People's Mobile Library" Shang GuanZiSu (Ju Jingyi ornaments), super analytical ability Li Zhi (Herman van Veen) in Dali Temple, Huang SanPao (Guanlin Liu), a skilled gunpowder maker that operates gunpowder, Gong SunSiNiang (Chang Xinyuan), a master of various weapons, Tan ShuangYe (Serena Cheng ornaments). In the aftermath of the treacherous cases, the investigation team restored the truth and eliminated the superstition among the public. As the investigation progressed further, everyone gradually realized that Black Galileo attempted to subvert the harmonious Datang by despicable means. Eventually victorious, the investigation team completely shattered the evil plot of black gallo. In addition to the share of young passionate pride, more a firm guardian and country responsibility heart & nbsp ;.

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