Great scenery(TV)[2017]
Great scenery(TV)[2017]
Great scenery(TV)[2017]

Great scenery(TV)[2017]

Episode: 36 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Mengjie Jiang Jiarong Lü More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Po Yan Jiawen Zhou Year: 2017
Writer: Zhang Xiaohan Genre: Love

《Great scenery》Episodes

Ning Xia is an ordinary worker, or young entrepreneur Zhao DanQiao has been looking for an anonymous savior, mistakenly entered his company. At first they were biased toward each other, but as they got along with their job, both of them changed their mindset at the same time. Ning Xia screen name "Little Red Bean", and a man named "tree hole" friends for many years to pay attention. But when she found "Tree Hole" was Zhao DanQiao, cousin Ning Xin was replaced by her unconscionability. Ning Xin ex-boyfriend broke up with her for money, so after learning of Zhao DanQiao's family, she bent on getting married. As she got along, Ning Xia started to love Zhao DanQiao, Zhao DanQiao gradually fell in love with Ning Xia, and learned that she was her own benefactor. But Ning Xin cross a bar, for their feelings to increase obstruction. When Ning Xin realizes that her behavior hurts everyone, she confesses Zhao DanQiao that she has faked the name "Little Red Bean" and finally, Zhao DanQiao and Ning Xia recognize each other. Ning Xin received the love of doctor Willow while receiving psychological treatment, and the last two sisters married at the same time, welcoming the wedding & nbsp ;.

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