Surprised zhi(TV)[2017]
Surprised zhi(TV)[2017]
Surprised zhi(TV)[2017]

Surprised zhi(TV)[2017]

Episode: 40 Area: In mainland China
Stars: Shuo Yang Chuang Chen Jia Chi More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Lujian Ma Year: 2017
Genre: Spy

《Surprised zhi》Episodes

Introduction to the plot of the TV series "awakening of insects" : in the early 1950s, three different brothers of the communist party of China and the kuomintang -- chief of the reconnaissance section of the spring city public security bureauLu KaiOur party's senior intelligence officer who has long been lurking within the enemy's special forcesCao ChuangWith the KMT military unification bureau former shenyang station chiefCui ShengWen-- for the sake of national righteousness, with different political opinions and beliefs, we fought together and fought bloody battles to find the Japanese spy "sparrow" and his father who concealed his evil experience in the Japanese army's 731 bacterial troops, and asked them for blood money and revenge for countless anti-japanese martyrs. .

Plot Summary>>

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