Mission impossible(TV)[2016]
Mission impossible(TV)[2016]
Mission impossible(TV)[2016]

Mission impossible(TV)[2016]

Episode: 46 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Zhen Yu Zihan Chen Zhusheng Yin More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Zhen Yu Mingji Geng Year: 2016
Genre: Modern legend

《Mission impossible》Episodes

In 1941, the couple of European mathematicians Lan ZhiBing and Ceng JieRu deciphered the Japanese telegraph and password and returned to the New Fourth Army with their one-of-a-kind son Lan Tian. Whoever knew of the intelligence leak had just arrived in Jiangcheng and the Japanese invaders were arrested and the Blue's couple arrested Martyrdom. Lan Tian, ​​who mastered the code book, was rescued by the New Fourth Army but the Japanese invaded the city gates and captured Lan Tian. Dui Zhang Yin San, a Jiangcheng security guard, was originally an underground party member who lost contact with the party in an accident. In a critical situation, he assumed the task of protecting Lan Tian and started working with the Japanese military police Dui Zhang Gao Qiao. For security, Yin San hides Lan Tian in the backyard of the hotel. And with the help of her boss Shang GuanYu and others, I tried my best to protect Lan Tian. In order to send Lan Tian out of the city, Yin San overcomes numerous obstacles and ultimately sacrifices justice and lives with the enemy. Lan Tian and others escorted by the New Fourth Army by train to leave Jiangcheng and go to the base area. Organizational decision: Pursue Yin San as revolutionary martyr & nbsp ;.

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