Happy Mi Tan(TV)[2016]
Happy Mi Tan(TV)[2016]
Happy Mi Tan(TV)[2016]

Happy Mi Tan(TV)[2016]

Episode: 44 Area: inside China
Stars: Beier Bao Ling Jia Ou Wang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Beier Bao Zhu Ling front Year: 2016
Writer: Beier Bao Zhu Ling front shiminghui Yi-ming Zhang Bai De Genre: Costume | Comedy

《Happy Mi Tan》Episodes

Shun Zhi years, Niu DaBao bent on founding a family with sweetheart Yuan YuE, during the course of the pursuit of error and error became a member of the Imperial City post Huang Hua station, and Yuan YuE is a member of Hong Bang. In order to protect his sweetheart Yuan YuE, Niu DaBao won the trust of post director Long DingHai with wisdom, and secretly made efforts to resolve the contradiction between Hong Bang and the Qing court. In a series of events, while protecting Chun Hua, a kind-hearted brothel woman with his own knotty misunderstanding, and rescuing the simple and honest gunner Tie QianJin, he also made full use of his resourcefulness to undermine the series of intrigues of HuangHuaYi and get rid of Guilty sinister cunning Sun ZhiLan, Mao Gang, Yi KouNiao, etc. Mi Tan. After a bout of trials and hardships, Niu DaBao finally grew up from a common market man to a resourceful, courageous and righteous righteous. With his efforts, Niu DaBao prevented ordinary people from suffering from a war.

Plot Summary>>

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